Easy Eridium farming

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User Info: Highpitchsolo

4 years ago#21
I just went and killed Bad Maw about 6 or 7 times, each and every time he dropped one single eridium.. That sucks as far as farming goes.. Is there anything better?

Assassin_X_Geth posted...
If you go to the slot machine in "Dust" (middle of the map near far left) it gives you Eridium WAYYYY more often then the slots at Moxxis. Plus its $100 cheaper.

I just tried this, spent $5000 @ $235/spin and selling all the junk, so I got a lot of spins.. I only got eridium once (10 eridium for prize). But I DID get triple 7's like 5 times! The only thing I got from those was character skins with weapon manufacturer logos on it. Got a sweet Maliwan skin for my siren, and a Vladof for my commando. I also got the three Moxxi legs once, and just got a crappy blue shotgun. I think all slot machines are the same and it just comes down to luck.

Oh, and the machine in Dust is exactly the same price as the ones by Moxxi.
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User Info: MrImpatient35

4 years ago#22
Does this method work after you've beaten and passed this part? Or it only works when you're currently on this mission/. Because I'm getting tired of this 1 or 2 Eridium he gives. And it's not all the time either. I fought him 5 times. He dropped Eridium twice.
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User Info: jabbascholestrl

4 years ago#23
it's hit and miss whether you've completed the mission or not. I still have the rescue mission and he only drops eridium 60% of the time.

User Info: Ombra

4 years ago#24
i just run through crimson lance headquarters AND scooters place and loot all the things..i usually get about 3 or 4 pieces on a good run, then just quit game, load again, then rinse and repeat.
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User Info: Master_ShakeXXX

4 years ago#25
I'll farm him until I have about $20,000 saved up and then I'll go play the slots. It's the fastest way as far as I'm concerned, because it's not just about getting Eridium from him but also cash so you can use the slots to win more of it.

User Info: Ninjero

4 years ago#26
I feel like Badass Creeper has a 100% chance to drop Eridium as well. Iron ore = ammo, Gold ore = gold, purple ore = Eridium.
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User Info: GreatTroySensei

4 years ago#27
If you guys are save scumming to farm it, might as well just trade-dupe your cash and then grind the slots. After maybe an hour tops you'll have all the eridium you'll ever need.
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User Info: Vivi0198

4 years ago#28
SEA_ posted...
Radiant_Sol12 posted...
Eridium is so common that people really shouldn't have to farm.

it's really not common though

Play the slots. I have so much eridium.
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User Info: Maverickneo

4 years ago#29
I played the slots in the Old dahlewar oasis section in dust. PLayed for about 30 minutes with only 4 eridium.

Played the one in Maxis for about an hour and only got about 12.

Must be my bad luck...

User Info: Devilfire111

4 years ago#30
I managed to get so much Eridium within my first playthrough that I was able to buy, and max out every SDU. Now I sit at 99 with no real use (minus one thing, not going to spoil it)
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