anyone know how to get the 2 gun chests when saving roland

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  3. anyone know how to get the 2 gun chests when saving roland

User Info: dsrpgfreak2009

4 years ago#1
there one with electircal barrier round it one in cell is there way to get these or do i get them later in game

User Info: Grrrnade

4 years ago#2
Jump on the red pipes in the room. Think the way up is on te opposite side of the room of roland
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User Info: Auron27

4 years ago#3
The one with the electrical barrier has a switch guarded by a Badass Nomad I believe. I think the next large room you come to has an exit to this area. Never got the chest in the jail cell.
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User Info: Core_Of_Stuff

4 years ago#4
kind of in front of roland's cell there'll be some boxes you can jump on leading to a catwalk. follow that for the cell chest.

and as for the one behind the electricity, you should see a wire that powers those. follow the wire to it's origin and kill the power.

User Info: andro1102

4 years ago#5
There are a few chests behind electric barriers through the game...if you follow the power cords it takes you to the location where you can unlock them.

User Info: angrykeithj

4 years ago#6
There is a control room above the entrance to this area. find the ladder near the end of the room, climb. Then get one chest at end of catwalk. back track to where you can jump on large pipes, and walk over to control room. Go in the room and activate all the switches marked with corresponding numbers to the cells.
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User Info: FaPaThY

4 years ago#7
A trick with the first barrier, you can shoot out the fuse box from the same room. Just turn around, look up at the window, and you should see the outline of the fusebox to the right.
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User Info: angrykeithj

4 years ago#8
Sorry amend my above entry. I forgot all about the electrical barrier part of the question. The stuff I said only pertains to the jail cell chest.
GT: Angry Keith J
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  3. anyone know how to get the 2 gun chests when saving roland

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