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User Info: iTPCi

5 years ago#1
what do u think is the best class mod for Siren is?

i dont mean what the actual stat boost is but what it does

like i just found a mod that regenerates health for everyone in my group including me. pretty nice
User Name terror_poop
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User Info: Xtypegamer

5 years ago#2
A cooldown mod or a high percentage dmg for smg's. Health, you could manage with the skill that regerates team health when you shoot them.

User Info: skullsukker

5 years ago#3
i have a corrosive chance mod that is pretty good. 25% i think.

other than that all i use is the 15% team cooldown when i play coop or the shield regen boost when i play solo.

User Info: Nintendo guy

Nintendo guy
5 years ago#4
I found a level 10 or so class mod for Maya with 78% increased SMG damage.

I was in shock, because the best endgame Mercenary mods for Lilith in the first game only had 61% increased SMG damage, and I just found one with a significantly higher bonus in the beginning of the game?? What the hell does that bonus go up to, on higher level mods? I hope the other, non-SMG related mods get equally as good bonuses...

User Info: nilla151

5 years ago#5
At 50 once I start to get serious on weapons and gear ill be getting one of each to swap as necessary but currently I use a fire chance a corrosion chance my healing one for team or my matriarch one all depends on what's going on

User Info: talostheundying

5 years ago#6
Nurse ot Fox mods. Nurse gives team regen, Fox decreases team cooldown. I swap as is appropriate, usually going regen during travel times and boss fights. And using cooldown during standard encounters and missions.
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