All Known Michael Mamaril locations

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User Info: MRxSLEEP

4 years ago#1
Once you reach Sanctuary, there are 10 different places that Michael Mamaril will be located. Every time you enter Sanctuary he will have a different gun/item for you. You can either travel to another location and then back or Save/Quit and then Continue to get him to give you a new gun/item. You just have to find him, this will make it easier, learn the locations and make a circuit/loop.

1) By the news stand in the center of town
2) Inside Dr. Zed's "office"
3) Up the street from Dr. Zed's, at the top of the stairs(past claptrap's storage)
4) Lower level of Scooter's garage, under the stairs
5) Inside the Crimson Raider HQ, walk straight in, you shouldn't miss him
6) Down by Marcus, not the vending machine, but the actual Marcus NPC
7) By Crazy Earl's door
8-9) Inside of Moxxi's - 2 possible spots
* By the slot machines
* By the piano, in the room that Sir Hammerlock faces
10) By a dumpster - go down the large steps leading from Moxxi's, keep going a little past the steps that lead up to the center of town, he'll be on your left in a little alcove.

***** SPOILERS ******** SPOILERS *********** SPOILERS ********** SPOILERS ************

Once Sanctuary "flies off", Michael doesn't spawn every time you enter Sanctuary :(

User Info: dcyankees

4 years ago#2
MRxSLEEP posted...

Once Sanctuary "flies off", Michael doesn't spawn every time you enter Sanctuary :(

Yea he hasnt spawned at all since its flew, its starting to get a little annoying since im now level 25 and havent seen him since level 19
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User Info: pj44055

4 years ago#3
Once that certain story mission happens, how often does he spawn? Is there a pattern? Or is it "random?"
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User Info: RandomPotatoes

4 years ago#4
Thanks for the info. I was looking for him for 30 minutes and couldn't find him

User Info: DethMashein

4 years ago#5
He didn't spawn for the longest time after Sanctuary took off; then right before my friend and I left to finish the game, we found him at Zed's.
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User Info: MRxSLEEP

4 years ago#6
After the change, it seems like he spawns maybe 10% of the time. I was reading in another thread that he wasn't supposed to spawn every time in the first place. Apparently the 10% is the way its supposed to be, but the first Sanctuary map has a glitch or something. When it changes it becomes a new map and the glitch isn't there anymore...

Not sure if that's true or not, makes sense though.

Also it could have been the developers way to give you access to a decent gun(s) earlier in the game. Then once the story progresses you don't need that help as much so maybe they lowered his frequency...?

User Info: MRxSLEEP

4 years ago#7
I don't know how to request that something be "stickied"
but this would be helpful to a lot of people, and it would keep people from starting new topics about it...can anybody help with that?

User Info: Pyroserge

4 years ago#8
Topic tracked. :) Thank you for the list.
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User Info: Furio

4 years ago#9
Thanks for the list. Seems complete as far as I can tell.

User Info: SymphonicGlory

4 years ago#10

I couldn't find him until Sanctuary took off <.<
Only found him once so far :/
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