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User Info: serdars

5 years ago#1
It's Sir Hamerlock's mission in Three horns divide, I'm going that 3 gloving places but can't find anything.
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User Info: Mixorz

5 years ago#2
If you killed them all you need to leave so they can respawn.
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User Info: Eternalpride

5 years ago#3
You need to shoot the rocks that the "Ferovores" throw at you out of the air. Shotguns work well for it.
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User Info: park_bench

5 years ago#4
This was the worst. So much confusion in the way they worded this quest line.
What you have to do is shoot the projectiles (dirt, snow) that the ferovore slingers throw at you out of the air.
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User Info: EarInfection

5 years ago#5
I found that the "Adult" and "Baddass" variants didn't throw projectiles often, if at all, so I drove around the area til i found a group, ran over all of the adults and badasses and left one "Slinger" alive then just stood at long range while he threw boulders.
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  3. Shoot ferovore projectiles! 0/3

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