A quick glitch heads-up for anyone doing 'In Memorium.'

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  3. A quick glitch heads-up for anyone doing 'In Memorium.'

User Info: Arctic_Sunrise

4 years ago#1
I spent a long time on this quest staring at a derrick in Three Horns Valley not knowing what the hell to do. Turns out, the quest marker for the Second ECHO device is glitchy - it will come up showing the general location to be a derrick some way from the Southpaw plant and the Happy Pig.

This is incorrect. All the ECHO devices are in fact, in the 'Three Horns Divide.' If you get this glitch, simply hunt down the First and Third recorders and the Second one should update, switching from the erroneous location to the correct one.

For actual locations -

ECHO 1 is on the anchor dangling from the flash-frozen ship hulk (in the Divide, not the Shelf). Shoot the connecting chain and grab the recorder.

ECHO 2, when it updates correctly, is in the middle of a shallow geographical bowl a short way from sanctuary. There is a geyser here and a valve. Turn the valve, get the recorder.

ECHO 3 is taped to the back of a blocky structure on top of some large pipes above Claptrap's boat. Go up the cliff incline to the left (approaching from the direction of ECHO 1) fight some bullymongs and rakks, then jump down to the pipes. Run along the pipes in the direction of the ocean and the recorder is just beyond a loot box.
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User Info: gangoplush

4 years ago#2
i noticed that too. i just gave up on that one and went for another one and found out i wasnt even in the right place.
i dont think he was trolling, i think he just isnt very smart and didnt understand
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  3. A quick glitch heads-up for anyone doing 'In Memorium.'

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