Best farming lvl 30

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User Info: igvapor

4 years ago#1
I farmed a lot around 20 in highlands and need to farm again to get my guns up to par lvl 30. Where is the best place to do so

User Info: Bnkai4tailLuffy

4 years ago#2
Do side quests.
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User Info: igvapor

4 years ago#3
meh i got weapons that r ok but i had a 318 dmg 3.5 Fire rate at lvl 20. I want more beast guns like that for y level

User Info: igvapor

4 years ago#4

User Info: Walkman_005

4 years ago#5
Go to the fridge.

If you did the quest Note for Self Person.

Or Scooters quest for finding a girl there, you should know where to go.

Head to where the end of the person quest you found a chest and when you opened it a massive goliath named smash appears. He will always drop a purple weapon.

User Info: shadowhippo1986

4 years ago#6
he doesnt always drop a purple weapon I gotten only blue weapons a few times

User Info: igvapor

4 years ago#7
ooooooh ya good call. I got a 8000 launcher at lvl 23 or so when i did it

User Info: ps4me

4 years ago#8
I've had some luck with bnk3r at level 28- 30
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