Which is a better Zer0 Build?

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User Info: Outrageouss

4 years ago#1
This one which is a more cunning tree.



This one which is more of a sniping tree.


User Info: ForceFan

4 years ago#2
The one where you get a turret....

User Info: Christopher_CCC

4 years ago#3
IMO mainly sniping was getting frustrated as almost every enemy in the game seems to like to get in your face forcing me to withdraw the sniper so I would go cunning tree if you dont want to melee
When faced with two choices simply flip a coin. It works because in that brief moment when the coin is in the air.
You suddenly know what your hoping for.

User Info: SuperCool468

4 years ago#4
Use something like the first build. I suggest:
Use scoped revolvers for softening up things, then use repeaters for the rest.

Sniping works. Until you get to Knuckledragger.

User Info: Rhyno69o

4 years ago#5
go with cunning, drop unforseen and precision and pick up kill shot and rising shot
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  3. Which is a better Zer0 Build?

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