Closed door in the Fridge?

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User Info: JPhoenix985

5 years ago#1
So when you're in the Fridge and you run out to the edge of the Frigid Cleft where the gun box is, and you look down and to your right, there is a little camp set up with a large door that I can't seem to open. I've noticed an un-powered up switch (red light) on the wall, but when I try to follow the cord back it just ends randomly in the wall outside of the electric fence. I assume this is an openable door, as my map has the entire area explored except for whatever's back there. Is there a way to open this door currently? (I'm on the Wildlife Preserve main mission) Or is this storyline opened?
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User Info: colma919

5 years ago#2
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User Info: smolo82

5 years ago#3
Is there an electric fence blocking your way in? Is it the building that doesn't look finished above the ground with the Vault symbol?

If so go to where the Vault symbol is on the ground look into the building and shoot the switch.


Door is open.
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User Info: MoxRavager

5 years ago#4
The red switch you saw is for the electric fence in the area. There are several switches in the area and the electric fence is connected to a different one each time you load up the game. The rest of the switches are just useless and do nothing unless they are picked to be the working one when you load up.

As for the door you're talking about. I have no idea which one you're talking about but there are several areas that can only be accessed after you select side quests.
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