longbow sniper

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User Info: Elric_bane

4 years ago#1
so i got the orange drop from the badass creeper orange sniper
name:longitedinal longbow lvl:25
fire rate:2.0
reload speed:4.0
magazine size:6
burn dmg/sec:169.8
cance to ignite:40.5%
then some crazy red lettering
finring increases accuracy
-.50% weapon accuracy
willing to trade for another orange sniper around same lvl

just send me a message xbox gt :EDICIUS1FLAME all caps

User Info: Event_ST

4 years ago#2
Just curious; are you on NG+? I know that doesn't make sense based on your weapons level, but the creepers I found are only lvl 15 on play through 1. I'm just trying to figure out how the scaling works. Sorry to derail your thread.
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User Info: ExaltedDuck

4 years ago#3
I've heard the zone's level is based on the level of the host player's on the first entrance for that playthrough, and that the loot and creatures are then based on that level. On my Caustic caverns, for instance, the creepers are between 20 and 22. I think I was either 20 or 21 when I first got there.

I'd take up the offer, but I'm still only 22 or so, and don't have anything nearly as nice to trade. Good luck, though.

User Info: james_heller

4 years ago#4
I have an E-Tech Sniper that does around the same damage, like 1280 or something and it has 6 bullets per mag, but uses 2 bullets per shot. It's also a shock weapon.

User Info: Panopictonguy

4 years ago#5
I think caustic caverns rescales after certain story points. I went there when it first happened and everything was in the teens. U came back after Angel and everything scaled to 25+
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User Info: Miksu454

4 years ago#6
I have the same one. I got it around lvl 29 on play through 1. + the shots look like arrows from minecraft.
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User Info: Event_ST

4 years ago#7
Nice. The longbow I have is lvl 15. I'll try to farm it again later in the story.
"Man I know I'm late but this Plies album makes Encore look like Illmatic." - FFfreak2002

User Info: Morphic

4 years ago#8
Ive been trying to get that to drop but no dice. Only skins and green weapons.
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