Tiny Tina = worst dialogue ever

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User Info: CloakedNub

5 years ago#11
I am American, and I dislike her. So...yeah.

I think she's way too over-the-top, even for a game such as Borderlands. She's also that cliched [pyscho-child] that is an expert in [random-skill].

User Info: Fyreboi

5 years ago#12
Freaking Chav

User Info: YorkHunte

5 years ago#13
TC probably attended her "tea party".

User Info: MetaIGearRex

5 years ago#14
I agree TC. Why so many people think a hyperactive 14 yr old Tomboy is entertains is beyond me. I assume many of the fans are close to Tina's age.

User Info: gmanthebest

5 years ago#15
Mander1861 posted...
It must have been painful to have to sit through those recording sessions without wanting to punch that idiot voice actor.
Tries way too hard and fails to be funny.
Anyone who thinks shes the best is whats wrong with Murica.

Wait until you find out why she's insane. Seriously, it's pretty sad.
"gman, you're the best! ^_^" - EarthLord_CJ
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User Info: Aadrian1234

5 years ago#16
Mander1861 posted...
ssj5king posted...
Im whats wrong with Murica.


So for you to feel good about yourself, you change the words of another person's post.
PSN/GT-Aadrianseth ; Current Status: Addicted to Borderlands 2

User Info: 20_sided_death

5 years ago#17
ASHLEY BURCH IS A GODDESS! BITE YOUR TONGUE. Bite it. Just a little? maybe not a bite, but how about a nibble? NIBBLE YOUR TONGUE!!!

hey vault hunter, hey, hey, hey. vault hunter. sup?

User Info: Mander1861

5 years ago#18
Aadrian1234 posted...
Mander1861 posted...
ssj5king posted...
Im whats wrong with Murica.



Whoa man settle down no need for the name calling.
An intelligent person does not need the promise of Heaven to see merit in a good deed.

User Info: SinisterSamurai

5 years ago#19
Tiny Tina is a humorous concept, but the humor does seem dependent on the speaker. The dialogue doesn't seem as funny if it were, say a grown man saying the lines with th same cadence and inflections, instead of a little girl.

I smile a little, but when I look at Tiny Tina, what I really see that someone took a weaboo checklist and tried to fit as much of it into one character as possible.

TC is right in that TT tries too hard. I'm not going to say she failed to be funny, just that she failed to actually be anything other than an exploitation.

But Borderlands is all exploitation. It's anime gun porn, so I don't see how something like Tiny Tina could actually be out of place or anything.
I order you to cease any and all supernatural activity and return forthwith to your place of origin, or to the nearest convenient parallel dimension.

User Info: jsrco

5 years ago#20
The humor of this character makes me swear up and down that the next Borderlands game will take place 5 years in the future and feature a quest where you drive Tiny Tina around for her 18th birthday and get followed by a crap ton of bandits.
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