Are there modded guns yet

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User Info: Orange_Apple

5 years ago#11
jreed1337 posted...
all you have to do is email gearbox requesting some and they will give you instructions on how to make them yourselves.

just provide gearbox with your gamertag, email address, and in no time you will be creating anything you want!

October 8, 2011. Some miracle.

User Info: DS_Aneila

5 years ago#12
Uh oh serious response incoming!

Considering how broken and overpowered endgame gear is IE salv and Zero and dem million+ damage crits. Modded guns are actually pretty ****ing pointless. Infact people should be modding and nerfing weapons.
I trusted Square, and this betrayal combined with my Aspergers is just making me lose all hope. - Kunai_Climb

User Info: Peter_Griffin33

5 years ago#13
Hey TC, idk about modded guns but something around here is about to get modded.

User Info: gtarocker

5 years ago#14
brisashi posted...
The lack of maturity in these responses is disturbing.

Seeing how the original is trolling. You had very high expectations.
Cheaters always deny its cheating

User Info: GotenkssjFused

5 years ago#15
DocOdine posted...
I hope gearbox stays on top of it and actually hands out bans like Epic did to the pathetics in Gears.

love how you guys dont do research. not for bans, but even gearbox announced they welcome mods. they would have made a mod tool but in the article they stated they would use the time to work on other aspects of the game, because the modding community can handle it, and they also said that it didnt mean they eventually wouldn't. granted thats for pc, but if it wasn't for xbox license agreement crap they'd do it for xbox.

In other words your only hope is xbox live, and they do such a wonderful job handling people like rapid fire controllers on cod now dont they? have fun with your complaining instead of being mature and ignoring, leaving their game or inviting friends or other elitist from the board to play with.

Find it so annoying that you think just because it makes the game less fun for you you can put your ideals on someone else and tell them they cant enjoy what they payed for how they want.
Not a noob just a F.N.G

User Info: I_am_always_me

5 years ago#16
Modding is great. Tons is learned about the game works. Plus some of the best game content is user made.
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User Info: readyaimfail

5 years ago#17
Tricher6192 posted...
*Sneak attacks RAF out of no where and takes his title*

'chases tricher down the ramp, to his car and wins it back'

Anyway so I take it as a no, then?
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