Truxican Standoff *facepalm* (Minor SPOILERS)

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User Info: EmbeddedArrow

5 years ago#1
So...Regardless of who the thief was, I accidentally killed all 4 of them when I fired my corrosive sniper, infecting everyone with the acid. *sigh*

User Info: Joker4515

5 years ago#2
Haha I don't think it was your sniper rifle on my game all 4 died too.

I think when you shoot one the other 3 shoot each other.
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User Info: SIvIart_USMC

5 years ago#3
If you shoot the wrong one then they shoot each other, if you shoot the right one they just walk away.
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User Info: SwordToTheChest

5 years ago#4
I shot the right person and the other three just commented on it.


User Info: EmbeddedArrow

5 years ago#5
Ah, my mistake then. Everybody was taking corrosive damage though, so I thought I did it. Guess I just picked wrong.

User Info: TheszNuts

5 years ago#6
I threw a singularity in the middle of them, it kills the right person with the pull then the others with the explosion.
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User Info: Paradox421

5 years ago#7
I had no idea who it was, so I was jumping around (habit of mine) and accidentally goomba-stomped the right guy.

good times.
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User Info: angrysmoker

5 years ago#8
I aimed at the wrong one, but hit the thief by accident (thief was closer so a pellet hit it first) and killed it. One of the best moments for me in the game, haha.
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User Info: natevines

5 years ago#9
Who was it and how do you figure it out?
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User Info: Gray_wolf1119

5 years ago#10
natevines posted...
Who was it and how do you figure it out?

theres a money bag on the thiefs back.
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  3. Truxican Standoff *facepalm* (Minor SPOILERS)

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