Salvador Explosive Rifles

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User Info: NeoCrimsonCloud

5 years ago#1
I hear a lot of disdain for explosive element weapons on the forums, but I find myself loving them.

As Salvador, using the rampage tree and two explosive assault rifles, I find myself doing WAY more damage than with any other combo.

I've even used smgs with slag and the element that's supposed to be strong against specific enemies. For example, I'll use slag/corrosive on bots, and they still take longer to kill than if I just used 2 explosive guns.

I dunno if it's just luck, but every time I find an explosive rifle, the damage is way above anything else I have aside from shotguns/rockets.

Sure they fire slow, but with his final skill in rampage, the fire rate ramps up as you hold down the trigger. By the time you reload, anything in front of you is probably goo.

My only complaint is the projectiles travel so damn slowly. It's easy for enemies to dodge at certain distances. Still, with dual-wielding and rapid fire they can only dodge for so long. For buzzards I use corrosive, though. It's nigh impossible to hit them with explosive rounds lol.

Anyone else loving explosive?
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User Info: GujinKami

5 years ago#2
From: NeoCrimsonCloud | #001
I hear a lot of disdain for explosive element weapons on the forums

From who, exactly? Explosives are probably the best element in the game.

User Info: gOwCoD4

5 years ago#3
Explosives are good, but i'm really put off by the projectile speed of the gyrojets. And I really don't like using the grenade launcher-type weapons that other manufacturers besides Torgue makes. I can't use their guns effectively outside of a siren with 5+ points into Accelerate (+10 with legendary siren mod)
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User Info: Malzel

5 years ago#4
Explosive is great (in most cases). But again, obviously, slow projectiles, and some of the explosive gatling guns have a long ramp up time.

User Info: Mead

5 years ago#5
I found explosive weapons to be great until around level 40 or so, and just abysmal after a certain point.

Their rate of fire is normally just way to slow to be effective, and their high damage isn't enough to make up for it when compared to faster weapons that do more elemental damage.
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