Has anyone found an actual minigun?

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User Info: Reiver_Neriahz

4 years ago#11
Shockwave289 posted...
The key chest?
Oh yeah, how would I go about getting more keys x~x I needs me some good stuff

He probably glitches it. No offense to him :p
GT: Reiver Neriah
Maliwan <3

User Info: Shockwave289

4 years ago#12
Damn :/ oh well
GT: Ticklemymlkduds

User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#13
You could have gotten like 4 or 5 by now by signing up for Shift and following some guy's tweets
P&L: Deal w/it
Cookie if you get the reference

User Info: Shockwave289

4 years ago#14
I know but I lack a twitter account
GT: Ticklemymlkduds

User Info: SlothBaby13

4 years ago#15
I don't have twitter I just bookmarked his twitter page and check it before I go to bed.

User Info: dj_skooter

4 years ago#16
I saw this topic last night, didn't feel like posting tho.

I had found this gun pretty early on during my first playthrough:



With my gunzerker's filled to brim skills and what not, it held just over 300 bullets. Passed it down to my newbie siren now.

User Info: AleciaMoore

4 years ago#17
People post the gold key codes and here when ever one pops up on twitter. I've posted the last 2 codes
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User Info: alxflwrs

4 years ago#18

I just saw a video with something imaged as the Horse Cannon. Looks insane.

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  3. Has anyone found an actual minigun?

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