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User Info: Terantatek

5 years ago#71
happypor100pre posted...
0/10 ive never heard of a game called duperlands 2 sounds like some mario shmeat and this is the BORDERLANDS 2 board buddy.

Unfortunately you are incorrect. This topic is my proof.
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User Info: RUNwhenCOPScome

5 years ago#72
stekim40 posted...
8/10 - If they stopped the cheaters and dupers, I would actually play it online and then maybe give it a higher rate.

Get friends? Don't play with randoms.
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User Info: NeeTama

5 years ago#73
Sorry, I can't rate duperlands as I play solo/only with friends.

And unless someone passes a duped item to a second character, THEY aren't really benefitting at all. Unless you count trades to others but even then, dont trade with them? Quit the game if they're dupers? Find a group you enjoy?

And nobody should EVER use diablo as an example for non-duping. It was rampant in both the first and second games. Anyone remember godly plate of the whale? Chances are the majority of people who had it had a duped item, and yet people still kept playing.

Personally i'd rather earn what I use, it's a pride thing. But beyond that, who really cares if OTHERS dupe? I mean they arent ganking me and taking my gear and if someone seems overpowered I guess i'd just leave. I have bigger issues with loot-ninjas grabbing every blue or higher in existance while im doing the legwork.

User Info: Hyokun

5 years ago#74
I play this game every weekend from friday 19h to sunday 22h. me and my 2 friends stop playing for some hours to sleep and/or do something else from friday to saturday and saturday to sunday... we never touched the public online and we had no problems at all with this 'dupe' thing... and we play this game on pc, which means we can probably see cheat engine users like crazy if we go to a public game, but we don't worry about it... 9.5/10 so far... We experienced some bugs with quests and we are a bit upset with the loot mechanics, because, at least for now (we are ~lv22) we can't drop anything good... 90% of weapons are white or green... We see ourselves wanting to waste our GK just to get some purples because of it... And we feel guilty to take a blue weapon when it drops, because it's soo rare and we can't share it... Besides that, we are having the blast we were expecting for this game, so i'm glad i purchased it!

User Info: Sahuagin

5 years ago#75
10/10, games of this quality are few and far between. that vote completely ignores multiplayer though.
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User Info: elusive

5 years ago#76
jesseCheech posted...
I give it a 9.0 since I don't cheat and I play the game legitimately therefore I have more fun then any kind of duper/cheater.

PSN: Elusive_Recon
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User Info: bdavis93

5 years ago#77
I'll give it a 9.2/10, as I enjoyed most of it, and the duping is a player problem, and not the fault of the developer.

User Info: Sahuagin

5 years ago#78
From: bdavis93 | #077
the duping is a player problem, and not the fault of the developer.

actually, it IS the fault of the developer
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User Info: Chargrilled

5 years ago#79
From: killbot357 | #010

I only play solo, so I don't care about dupers. I've got a few minor gripes (mostly Tina Tina and difficulty finding a decent AR) but all in all the game is fantastic.
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User Info: memphis0789

5 years ago#80
"Again I want to mention Diablo 2. To those who were avid fans in the past and played a ton of hours; do you think that you would have spent that many hours if everyone had duped items?"

ok lets be realistic here though anyone that played diablo2 more than a month after release has played with duped items if they ever traded for currency or anything high level. also most people were using straight out hacked items around 1.09 when ith weapons became popular.
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