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User Info: Rome218

5 years ago#81
memphis0789 posted...
"Again I want to mention Diablo 2. To those who were avid fans in the past and played a ton of hours; do you think that you would have spent that many hours if everyone had duped items?"

ok lets be realistic here though anyone that played diablo2 more than a month after release has played with duped items if they ever traded for currency or anything high level. also most people were using straight out hacked items around 1.09 when ith weapons became popular.

Yes there we duped items. It was kept under control as a lot of dupers ended up banned. Heck, a friend of mine was banned for using a map hack that just showed where enemies where and opened the entire map for you.

The game was not rampant with everyone have 100 SOJs and every great item you can find. There were lobbies where people would spam out what they had for trade because what they needed was sought after.

SOJs had value, it was the main currency. If that could be duped you could get anything. 6 SOJs on classic got you the best duped sword. The sword could no longer be duped but it was the best sword to be made.

What couldn't happen is one person takes the sword in a room, and makes 50 of them. There has been some breaches, but they worked on fixing it. This game is fun for what it is, but for an on-line RPG it's a cluster ****. Diablo 2 lasted on the PC's top 10 for YEARS because of how addictive it was.

It should be common sense for a loot based on-line game to make precautions on how to prevent duping. It's 2012 already. Diablo had this down in the 90s.
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