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User Info: Gramku

5 years ago#11
I still have nightmares about the Underdome, so I traded a code for it I won for a premier club code.
Think I got the better end of the trade.
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User Info: AceDiamondEX

5 years ago#12
JayGood259Oz posted...
iwish posted...
It is pretty much the same thing as the others, just with critters instead of people. I liked it for the challenge; there's no real safe spot, and some creatures are tougher than human enemies.

If you don't care about the rocket launcher you're not missing much.

I am level 32 and have only found the bandit slaughter, what's the other one?

There is the Creature Slaughter Dome in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, and the Hyperion Circle of Slaughter in Ore Chasm (Love that name). The entrance to the Hyperion one is in The Eridium Blight, next to Mal's place.
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User Info: revan292

5 years ago#13
viewmaster_pi posted...
They pulled a Capcom and just took something out of the game and slapped a "Pre-order exclusive" label on it. It's a set of missions. 5 rounds in the dome and you never go back again.

wow... so you can't even replay any of the (technically "horde" mode) circle's?
5 rounds and then you can never replay any of them?

atleast i can buy borderlands 2 now without worrying about missing out on the Creature slaughter dome dlc then since it's just the same as the Human/Robot Circle of slaughters x.x
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User Info: PurpleMouse

5 years ago#14
I bought my game on sunday, the guy in the shop put a card with the code on in the bag. you might be able to get it if you buy in person. I dunno
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User Info: Moukaryuu

5 years ago#15
Is the Creature Slaughter Dome the Wildlife Preservation Sanctuary?
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User Info: Four Skulls

Four Skulls
5 years ago#16
So me and 2 other of my friends have the Creature Slaughter Dome, and 1 doesn't. Can the 1 play it with the rest of us or does he have to wait until it comes out?
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