who would win in a fight? terra, crawmerax or the warrior?

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  3. who would win in a fight? terra, crawmerax or the warrior?

User Info: ThirtyThr33

5 years ago#21








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User Info: youngunner2123

5 years ago#22
You guys are all wrong!!!! It's the one who wears the BEE that will win!!! :)

User Info: darknessry

5 years ago#23
WHLTE_RLDER posted...
darknessry posted...
WHLTE_RLDER posted...
You have to remember that the warrior is being held back quite a lot by taking orders from jack...

If the warrior was acting of it's own free will I think it would own.

Saying that, craw would probably still win.

Not really. All jack said was "Kill". But anyways if we are talking cannon then Warrior is the triumph card.

Actually he tells the warrior multiple things:

Protect your chest,
Fire breath,
In the lava, get in the lava,
Crush them.
..And more.

Hmm. Never heard him over the Warrior screeching in pain then.
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User Info: Shrek81

5 years ago#24
finalcryhavoc posted...
ok come on now you cannot talk bosses when you didnt include the toughest one vermiforous the invinsible > the other 3 combined

This. Verm laughed at my bee shield and continued to tank and spank his way into my nightmares.

User Info: Darksaber310

5 years ago#25
Craw would decimate both. They've got more HP, but their attacks 99% of the time would hit nothing but air, due to the weakpoint system. Craw would just whittle them down bit by bit.
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User Info: DeadLock25

5 years ago#26
Fluffles87 posted...
How would Craw win this one? Terra and Warrior have at least a thousand times the HP that Crawmerax does, and deal several times the amount of damage that Craw deals. They win by default.

In that case the trio is incomparable because the numbers for the normal/average damage and health differ in each game.

However, I assume TC meant to imply that the damage and health values would be scaled appropriately. So assuming (just as an example) Craw had 500,000 health compared to your characters 2000 or so HP, the ratio in those would be kept constant while adjusting the character HP to the 30,000-50,000 or so you have now.

As someone said, Terra probably has alot more HP and damage output even with the adjustments, but Craw is nearly completely protected. He cannot be killed unless the AI hits every single critical spot on him, which is hardly feasible. Craw wins because his body is pretty much immune to every attack.

Given enough time, Terra and the Warrior would fall.

Although with the HP amount, Im sure Terra would be quite the contender.
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User Info: jmyoda10

5 years ago#27
Crawmerax because he's level 72 in my mind. Game of f****** numbers
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User Info: StormWolf12

5 years ago#28
Take ye ol' Hellfire. Take Borderlands 2 Hellfire, divide that by level 50 Boderlands 1 Hellfire. Multiply Crawmerax by resulting fraction. Crawmerax winz.
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  3. who would win in a fight? terra, crawmerax or the warrior?

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