How many legendary weapons have you legitimately found?

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User Info: Sweet_Adeline

4 years ago#1
How many legendary weapons have you legitimately found? - Results (202 votes)
None. Still looking for my first one... ;___;
17.82% (36 votes)
Just one so far.
13.86% (28 votes)
37.13% (75 votes)
16.34% (33 votes)
14.85% (30 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I'm just curious to see how the community is doing in their hunt for legit legendaries.

Also, if you can, let us know approximately how many hours you've logged into the game or where you are (1st playthrough, 2nd playthrough, etc.)

I've found three so far, legitimately. All were on my 1st playthrough.

The first time I faced the final boss, he dropped a lvl. 30 Conference Call.

I found a spike shield somewhere, I don't remember.

And I found a grenade in the vending machine in Sanctuary, believe it or not.
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User Info: pttp_co_nr

4 years ago#2
Legit as in no quests (ie. Lilith's Shield) and no farming? 3 for me. Commando Class Mod, Homing Tediore Shotgun, and Spray Rocket Launcher.
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User Info: illbzo1

4 years ago#3
Just found The Sham earlier tonight when I was farming Bunker.
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User Info: PyschoCurt

4 years ago#4
I've found.. The..skullmasher from slots, Longbow from badass creeper, White death from the guy at end of the good the bad the mordecai and..probably something else.

I've probably got over 5 days game time..Unlucky me.
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User Info: iwish

4 years ago#5
Found one in 2 and a half playthroughs, not counting the odd quest reward.
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User Info: RKO_Viper

4 years ago#6
I actually found an orange grenade (orange is legendary right?) at lvl 12 after killing Boom Bewm. My only one so far.

User Info: IronSasquatch

4 years ago#7
4-6 for me.

Fwap De Nukem, Gunerang, Sledge's Shotgun, Volcano from the Warrior.
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User Info: Sima Yi

Sima Yi
4 years ago#8
I found around 8 on my first playthrough. That's with no farming, no vault hunter relic, and playing solo. I don't know how many I've found since then.
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User Info: Dwaze_Zaken

4 years ago#9
Surprisingly, my first legendary was the Neautralizing Hornet dropped from the very first boss in the game. I got it on my first playthrough after killing him for the first time ever.

I don't known how I got so lucky.
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User Info: Ih8uguys

4 years ago#10

A jakobs pistol from the clan war missions, a singularity grenade mod from the fridge wave survival mission, a flak shotgun from the warrior, and the bee.
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