Has Borderlands 2 changed your opinion of any of the first four vault hunters?

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User Info: xSuper_Chuckx

5 years ago#61
Tobias_Is_Queen posted...
xSuper_Chuckx says... Simply put, I have never heard a white dude sound that black in my life.

LOL... really? NEVER? Sounds like you come from an area with a good amount of segregation. Not trying to insult you or anything, lotsa places around the world have segregation. I grew in an area with lots of black and white kids (and probably other colors too) all going to school together... so I've heard white guys talking like black guys my whole life. And plenty of black guys who sound pretty "white" (LOL, Dave Chapelle's "white guy" voice!), for that matter. <shrug>

Anyways - on topic, I liked what I've seen of the original 4 so far (still not very far) - but I do wish Roland was a little less Cyrus from The Warriors... or, if he's gonna be that way, at least have him say "CAN YOU DIG IT!?" more often.

That was very ignorant, assuming I live in a segregated area, considering I live in a very diverse area. Not going to even use the fact I am mixed.

And white individuals may speak similar to black individuals if that's what they grow up around. But there is still a noticeable difference in tone, pitch, etc.
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User Info: SilentHawk29

5 years ago#62
Really dislike the way they made Mordecai in this one. He doesn't seem as much as a bad ass in 2 compared to 1. :/
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User Info: zombienatio0

5 years ago#63
i thought Roland seemed a bit like a heartless ass in this game.

User Info: Sima Yi

Sima Yi
5 years ago#64
In BL1 I controlled 4 different mobile weapons platforms, not characters. So in that sense, yes, my opinion of them has changed. Not so much because their characterization is different in this game, but because they have any characterization at all.
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User Info: Schesparn

5 years ago#65
Digit4lc0py posted...
ITT racism. "I can't believe he 'sounds black'/seems hispanic!".

You people are ****ing disgusting.

Oh, I can believe it. I just didn't realize it in the first game. Haha.
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User Info: RUNwhenCOPScome

5 years ago#66
The_Pankaker posted...
I did'nt really play with Mordica all that much in the first but I feel that the drunk personalitly really fits him for some reason

I hate Mordecai's personality in this game. Reminds me of some frat guy with all of his bottles of alcohol displayed above his fireplace.
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User Info: Sahuagin

5 years ago#67
Lilith and Roland are awesome, Mordecai being an alcoholic is a bit wierd, but ok, and I like Brick more now, although I agree that his voice doesn't really fit. The biggest character change I didn't like was Scooter; we went from a fairly cool, competent, and experienced sounding person into an internet-loser clone with a whiney voice.
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User Info: Ether_Sword

5 years ago#68
I like what they did with all the characters.
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User Info: Gryphon_Lord

5 years ago#69
I played Mordecai in 1 and I liked his characterization in 2. I got the opinion he was still a kinda snarky, badass kinda guy, but hard times made him fall back on alcohol. His relationship with Bloodwing was also heartbreaking, but at least Bloodwing left him an egg (I suspect this is the reason Bloodwing was retconned into a female)

I didn't have much interaction with Roland in 1, but I'm fond of him in 2. I always figured he'd be the leader of the VHs and his background as a Crimson Lance Engineer certainly paid off. I think he'd probably be more like his BL1 self if he wasn't under the pressure of leading the Raiders.

I love Lilith in this. She's snarky, sassy, and badass. Not sure what else to say.

Brick played out more or less like I always thought he was, a slight psychopath who knows a lot about fighting but not much about anything else. Also has a bit of a kind heart under all that other stuff, he treats you like a brother, never abandons his friends (even though he and Roland had a falling out) and adores his dogs (If you haven't noticed, he added a second dog paw necklace, one for Dusty)

Also about Wilhelm, not only did Jack want you to kill Wilhelm (He may have been able to kill you then, sure, but he'd only be rid of 4 revolutionaries. By letting you kill Wilhelm he was able to fool you into bringing the trick core to Sanctuary, which almost let him take down the entire Crimson Raiders. Also Jack seems to imply at some points that Angel was involved with the raid of New Haven, and she tricked the VHs to some extent. So Jack may have used Angel to manipulate the VHs into an impossible situation.
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User Info: Bhellium

5 years ago#70
Not one of them are like I imagined they would be. Well, Lilith kinda but I like her less than I did. She just seems to be trying too hard, maybe it's just that I don't like her VA.
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