Has Borderlands 2 changed your opinion of any of the first four vault hunters?

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User Info: _Vuvuzela_

5 years ago#71
From: InSearchOf | #052
Borderlands 2 made me like every B1 character even more EXCEPT for Roland. I figured from his silly quotes from the first game (ITS LIKE CHRISTMAS!), he would have a crazier personality. Now in B2, he doesn't seem anything at all like what i heard from him in the first game. Especially in the audio logs of him and Lilith.

Totally agree about Roland. I was like "Huh?" when I first met him.

Lilith is pretty close to what I expected. Same with Mordecai, minus the drinking. Brick...no. I thought he would be this angry, punch-first-ask-questions-later guy but they made him silly.

Scooter's change was the worst for me. He got a new voice actor and the writing for him wasn't as funny as it was in B1.

User Info: kylekillgannon

5 years ago#72
_Vuvuzela_ posted...
Scooter's change was the worst for me. He got a new voice actor and the writing for him wasn't as funny as it was in B1.

To be fair, nothing will ever stack up to:

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User Info: Malzel

5 years ago#73
They were all roughly as I expected them to be, except Roland, who, as was pointed out, went from "IT'S LIKE CHRISTMAS" to "get et don soljer"

User Info: Bhellium

5 years ago#74
Ha... just had a thought


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User Info: colemanmarkd

5 years ago#75
Fungum posted...
Ravetown posted...
I pictured Brick much differently and I think his voice actor didn't do him justice. I really liked Brick in BL1, so I was disappointed. Everyone else was great.

He has the same VA...so it would be the writer/director's fault.

Brick is really awesome in BL2. The ones who turned out crap are Lilith and Mordecai. One's a drug addict with weak ass story-line powers. And the other is a drunk with a bird fetish.

I agree. Brick is still my favorite. I kinda thought Roland would be more like how Axton is in this one.
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User Info: MadHatter420

5 years ago#76
I think Mordecai's story has the potential for an amazing story. If it were a comic, I would read it.

With that said, I've never actually played as him.
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User Info: TheBraveOne

5 years ago#77
I think the cast is awesome and I was honestly surprised with Brick entrance, in a good way. But I hate that they made Roland a stereotype in a different way that what you'd expect, and he's my favorite of the 4.
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User Info: thechaoticclown

5 years ago#78
I honestly thought that roland was a lot less awesome and not a leader type at all from what i heard in borderlands 1. For example "It's like Christmas".

User Info: _Yag_

5 years ago#79
I liked how they treated everyone to be honest.

I did think however that I was funny how they go around talking about the old vault hunters and yet when "stuff" happens to bloodwing Mord FREAKS OUT (awesome btw) and starts one shotting super badass loaders all day which I could never do even at max level (though im axton so one shotting isnt really my forte)
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User Info: MadDewg

5 years ago#80
Digit4lc0py posted...
ITT racism. "I can't believe he 'sounds black'/seems hispanic!".

You people are ****ing disgusting.

Seriously. As a black guy playing video games ever since the mid 80s, I have never thought of a game character's race and it's stereotypes to be that big a deal...at least not enough to go on message boards and complain that you have white characters sounding black, someone's disappointment at the masked sniper being hispanic instead of asian, and apparently someone is angry deep down because the video game chick they idolized in part one got it on with a...*gasp*...black man (I guess this totally ruined some people's "immersion" or "envisioning their-selves as this character" shenanigans), and that totally makes her a worse character in the sequel for some reason, lmao.

Gotta love gamesfaqs though...should have seen the grand theft auto san andreas boards when rockstar first revealed the main character and setting or the left 4 dead 2 boards when it was revealed that the game will have not one black person...but two black people...oh snap!!! (and to make it worse in certain people's eyes, one of them is a black female...the most hated race/gender combination in anime/manga/video game communities and that at the same time replaced the "omg awesome for some reason or another white chick" (even though the part one survivors at that moment in time didn't yet have that much personality and background for people to get attached to them that badly yet), getting rochelle a crap ton of hate...before the community even got the chance to hear her game lines/the game releasing).

Anywho in my opinion everyone turned out great, except for roland (going by his quotes in part one, he seemed more like a "chillin"/laid back type of guy, in this game his personality is like, he got a stick up his ass or something I don't know). Overall, the old vault hunters is not bad considering that gearbox didn't really have that much to work with from the first borderlands.
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