Volvano Secret Walkthrough

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User Info: JManGT

5 years ago#1
Idk I see a lot of topics that seem cluttered and unclear about this.
But here's a gauraunteed walk through that is fast.

Grab the unbreakabke gear from the fire place at claptraps place, will not show up until you complete where angels fear to tread on TVHM ONLY (when you are able to access eridium blight)

Walk from claptraps place to three horns divide


Drive through three horns divide, three horns valley and the dust.

When you reach eridium blight you have to drive around the long way, around the eastern edge because the firet bridge isnt built yet, (pr if it is just drive straight towards volcano) then Swing back, your heading to the north west corner.

Get out and climb the volcano, you will reach Geary, do not kill him. He will slap you once and jump into the lava. If he slaps you more than once or doesn't do it at all then you have to redo it as something went wrong in your journey (died, accidentally teleported etc)

3 rakks will appear and drop 3 cases
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User Info: viewmaster_pi

5 years ago#2
Did someone say something about NEW VOLVIC REVIIIIIIVE?
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User Info: Gray_wolf1119

5 years ago#3
you can teleport into the car.
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User Info: alxflwrs

5 years ago#4
Confused man is confused.
What is this?
Secret mission?
What what whattt?

User Info: olmansilverpant

5 years ago#5
alxflwrs posted...
Confused man is confused.
What is this?
Secret mission?
What what whattt?

This is a Huge easter egg mission. Its meant to be the LotR reference about the journey from the Shire to Mt.Doom. Follow the steps and youll see. Its actually a decent way to farm because 1 of the Chests that're dropped by the rakks is gaurenteed to have Purple gear in it.
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