Is there any other game where cheating is as common as in BL2?

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  3. Is there any other game where cheating is as common as in BL2?

User Info: vecryn

5 years ago#121
I can think of one game that had excessive cheating for a while, but it's a completely different genre of game. Mario Kart for wii, seemed I ran into people cheating using ocarina all the time with that. The worst I saw in it was 9 racers all cheating out of 12, seemed like they were just calling in all cheaters that time. So other games definitely have it too, maybe not to the extent of this one but yeah it's out there

User Info: danchan101

5 years ago#122
Diablo 3 is co - op only (as of now?) and everyone's panties got in a bunch when people were cheating.

User Info: deathcrunch

5 years ago#123
Topic about games where cheating is rampant, no-one mentions GunZ and laughs at TP before leaving the topic.
Oh well, I'll be the first then. On a side note, I honestly can't tell the difference between who is trolling on this board and who is just legit ignorant.
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User Info: ProzacStylings

5 years ago#124
dueric posted...

You still never said why it limits people to single player or HOW it negatively affects them, or HOW it ruins it for them. All you did was say "popular opinion suggests".

My first post explains exactly how it ruins it for many people. Which I've redirected you to. Twice.

But apparently your internet browser skills are fighting for lol-status with your reading comprehension skills. So here's my first post again, just for you.

ProzacStylings posted...
openfist posted...
Regarding the practice of duping...I'm hosting a co op game, party kills a boss that drops a legendary gun that is extremely hard to get and everyone needs/wants the gun. I'm duping it and how exactly does that affect anyone else playing this game?

The value of items in the game are largely impacted by the rarity of them. If that boss dropped 4 of _____ every time he was killed, _____ would be much less impressive to have, and the feeling of accomplishment in finding one would be much smaller.

Every time you dupe ____, it makes it less important in a public sense when someone who happens to enjoy multiplayer, finds ____ legitimately.

This is basic, common sense. It's why any game with officially endorsed cheat codes, of the contra variety, largely disables them in any multiplayer capacity.

Do what you want in single player. When you cheat, exploit, and otherwise circumvent the designer's game design intention, in a multiplayer format, you're ruining the game experience for some of the other players that wanted a legitimate, long-lasting multiplayer experience.

Lol @ all the contrived delusions and developer-hearsay people are attempting to invent, to feel like less of a jackass for short-circuiting the game's entertainment value for other people, with cheats and exploits.

You can't tell them, me, the many people who've complained about multiplayer cheating here, that it doesn't ruin things. It's an opinion. IMO, in our opinion, it ruins things.

If you do it, and enter into multiplayer environments with it, you're an ass.

Ontop of being a troll. But, the two are generally mutually inclusive, so that's that surprising.
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User Info: KLOUDrocks

5 years ago#125
dueric posted...
Stop it with the cliche replies. (I think we're done"? Seriously?) I invented that s***.

I'm sorry. I try to not jump into ridiculous online fights like this one, but I couldn't help but laugh when I read this. "I invented that s***" is about as cliche as it gets.

Anyway, I agree that a lot of the items being discussed do fall under cheating. Anyone that dupes, for instance, is indeed taking advantage of a piece of the game that was not intended to exist. Does it affect me? No, because I only play with people I know. But that doesn't mean I can't see it for what it is.

Ultimately, what would appease everybody (or should, I should say) is if there were two different choices to make when signing into multiplayer: One "hardcore" one where duping and such isn't allowed, and one "renegade" one where it is. I've played other games with such systems and they've (for the most part) succeeded with them.

User Info: PathlessBullet

5 years ago#126
Digit4lc0py posted...
When you get a legendary drop after farming that's level 48 and you have to trade your best gun for a lvl 50, that you just spent however long farmin for, you'll copy it too. It doesn't hurt anyone, and I'm just starting to get bored of one of four (soon to be five) characters

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User Info: ZosKiaCultus

5 years ago#127
I dunno. A lot of my friends have duped items. A lot of them had crazy hacked items in the first BL. That's just not for me. It takes away the fun of finding those really awesome items, which is a big portion of the game's enjoyment for me. Marn liiiiike Gamertag: aGeorgeDivided

User Info: Stuflames

5 years ago#128
Sim City/The Sims, etc?
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User Info: Bhellium

5 years ago#129
lol cheating at Borderlands

that's like calling modding a Bethesda game unethical
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User Info: Ragnarok0220

5 years ago#130
Ummm, cheating is what you make it- in the pokemon red/blue games you had missingno, if you used it all the time, you found yourself overpowered and bored, if you used it sparingly you saved yourself some grinding for the next gym leader/boss. I farm for my oranges, but thats because i have the time to- my two friends that i play with dont have that kind of time though, so i dupe the best pieces of my arsenal to them, otherwise its no fun to play when all you can do is just hide behind the guy with the best gear.

Games are intended to be fun, and thats the only thing i can say for the developers when you talk about how a game is "intended" to be played. Is it possible that the developers knew about these glitches/exploits and were like- "hey lets leave that in, people will feel clever when they figure it out, not to mention it takes FOREVER to get all this stuff"
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