Favourite grenade mechanic/effect

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User Info: Nailbomb

5 years ago#31
It depends on who I'm using, usually.

For Axton, I like to spam the singularity grenades and keep everything in a nice little group for my turrets to tear apart.

My Zer0 is a melee build, so longbow MIRVs are perfect for weakening everyone enough that I can go crazy with my sword.

My Salvador is still on the hunt for a nice slag bouncing betty.

Maya's gonna hold on to those AoE grenades and never let go.
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User Info: jayman1305

5 years ago#32
singularity with fire element. i love seeing a group of enemies getting pulled in by gravity, hearing the explosion, seeing the enemies catch fire, with cries of pain. so epic!

User Info: headscar918

5 years ago#33
I've got a longbow sticky MIRV.

Needless to say, it kicks all kinds of ass.
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User Info: Joe_Cobbs

5 years ago#34
Rolling Thunder is my personal favorite.

I guess it could be considered MIRV.

It's dangerous as hell to use though but when it works...carnage everywhere.

User Info: Malzel

5 years ago#35
Homing corrosive clouds.

User Info: Mortuss_Zero

5 years ago#36
Homing Tesla, nuff said.
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User Info: The_High

5 years ago#37
Homing AoE are what I keep an eye out for. Preferably corrosive.
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User Info: iAmTheTot

5 years ago#38
Poor rubberized, lol.
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User Info: Stasiss13

5 years ago#39
I really only used MIRVs when I played through as Axton, but found a homing slag bouncing betty on my Sal character and I love it. So it kind of depends on which character I'm playing as. All the new grenade types are awesome, only having grenade mods drop or coming across a chest that only has grenade mods is not so awesome.

User Info: megagooseqqq

5 years ago#40
Rubberized has no votes. How shocking.
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