Jakobs is best at pistols

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User Info: ANort175

5 years ago#11
Schesparn posted...
JRaasin posted...
From: cjjohnston | #003
Why Vladof and snipers?

Because they get all the damage of other snipers and they all have rapid fire.

If it takes more than one shot, you weren't using a Jakobs. :D

Or a Maliwan. Not sure why people underestimate Maliwan sniper rifles, with the bonus damage you get from using the right element, you can easily do more damage than a similar Jakobs.

User Info: Smakface13

5 years ago#12
I don't use any other pistols aside from Jakobs.
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User Info: JRaasin

5 years ago#13
From: Garudin | #008
I think he means rapid fire rates I don't think he's talking about fully automatic(do these even exist in BL please tell me yes) or burst fire rifles

Nope, all Vladof snipers are full auto.

User Info: RichardTucker

5 years ago#14
Jakobs suck for gunzerking.

Bandit shotgun
Maliwan smg/ vladof AR
Tediore anything
Bandit/ torgue bazooka

Is the way to go

User Info: Stopthink

5 years ago#15
Vladof tmps are best pistols
imo for the tight asses

User Info: i2KxLeniNx

5 years ago#16
I like my 30k dmg Jakobs Sniper the most, more than both my legendary pitchforks.
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User Info: vigorm0rtis

5 years ago#17
KudZu posted...

Jakobs is best at snipers.

The rest are debatable.

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User Info: St0ve1

5 years ago#18
Bandit and torque souls switch

User Info: infinitexx

5 years ago#19
RichardTucker posted...
Jakobs suck for gunzerking.

Maggie is badass for Gunzerking.
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User Info: hauntbot

5 years ago#20
barring uniques like the conference call, i think torgue makes the best shotguns. assault rifles too bandits take hideous long to reload, and they have crap damage and accuracy so all the bigger clip size means is you burn more bullets per kill and still reload a lot. if badit is best at anything its probably launchers.
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