Jakobs is best at pistols

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User Info: AngryOldFeral

5 years ago#41
DirrtyRockstarr posted...
The way I see it it, Jakobs make badass pistols and shotguns.
Jakobs and Maliwan have groovy snipers, Hyperion ones are pretty good as well.

Maliwan and Hyperion make sexy SMG's. Nothing like hip firing at something ages away with a Hyperion SMG.

Vladof make some sweet as Assault Rifles, and the TMP's aren't too bad either.
Bandit guns can range from rubbish to really badass.

I can't say much about Tediore, Dahl or Torgue. I barely use 'em.

I agree with you except for the shotgun part. You can get a Bandit shotgun with just as much damage output as a Jakobs, only instead of having to reload every other shot the Bandit guns all have ludicrously high magazine space. The trade-off comes from the annoying long reload times a lot of Bandit shotguns have. You can circumvent that with relics, though... Deputy's Badge, or Allegiance relics to Bandit can circumvent the reload speed handicap.

I think Jakobs makes the best handguns, and the best sniper rifles. Sure, their rifles don't have any elemental effects but their raw damage output over the other brands will do horrific things to enemies if you're good at scoring criticals.
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