Does this have cutscenes?

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User Info: IceWindRyu

5 years ago#1
I only ask because I've seen various clips in trailers/reviews/etc and screenshots that strongly suggest that there is, but then again, since there was a severe lack of a story or anything like that in the first one, I'm beginning to wonder if those were just for trailers, etc

So, yeah! And no spoilers please

User Info: SwordToTheChest

5 years ago#2
There's a few. More than I remember in BL1.

User Info: Joker4515

5 years ago#3
Yeah there are a few cutscenes, and the story is vastly improved, with an a great villian :)
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User Info: SuicidalPope

5 years ago#4
I think there's only two actual cutscenes, one for a very important moment, and then one before the final fight. The rest I remember are just character intros I believe.

EDIT: Now that I think about it, you could argue the one before the final fight is a character intro as well.

EDIT2: Herp derp, and of course there's the ending cutscene.
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User Info: xstrudel

5 years ago#5
There are cut scenes but only a few, story is mostly told through talking to NPCs like most RPGs, and the story is far more interesting than BL1s, now that theres a proper plot and villain.
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User Info: IceWindRyu

5 years ago#6
Alright, thanks!
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  3. Does this have cutscenes?

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