New screen and info for the mechromancer!

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User Info: brenster

5 years ago#21
Doctor Vulpes Fox posted...
cjjohnston posted...
Theres a typo in that article and its bugging me.

Odd, seeing as you used "its" instead of "it's".

Haha, beat me to it.
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User Info: Sacrament4

5 years ago#22
It should've been a I can't use the class.

User Info: Panopictonguy

5 years ago#23
BoozeHound59 posted...
LDK_Vergil posted...
I dunno, $10 seems perfectly fair when you're talking about an entirely new experience. Hell, just look at her "Close Enough" skill; that's going to radically alter the way you play her, and could open up for some absolutely game-changing strategies. Stand behind a wall, pelt your enemies with an SMG, then unload a Shotty to the face when they come after you, and that's not even getting into whatever her Deathtrap will be able to bring to a fight!

Of course, to each their own. Still, hopefully she sells well enough to justify Gearbox making an additional character, because I'm *ALL* for them continuing to add new play-styles!

This. All new skills, all new playstyle. If you take her to 50 it's plenty of hours of gameplay.

A lot of people will Boost her to 50. Wait for somebody to farm all the skins & heads for her and get them duped. Then they'll complain there's nothing to do with her.
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User Info: Dtothe3

5 years ago#24
CloakedNub posted...
Glad I have the pre-order club bonus. No way would I pay $10 for her.

I didn't pre-order. Still had the Premiere Club slip & Code for her download. Really pleased with that. I cannot wait to play as her. She has a Death-Trap, which occasionally gibbs cats. That is as good a reason as you need.
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User Info: Socrato

5 years ago#25
I think she looks cool. I'll use her ass eventually.
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