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User Info: CorporalGiroro

4 years ago#391
You know what? You're all a bunch of babies.

Whining is getting the shield nerfed. The shield getting nerfed is causing more whining.

All I know for sure is that no matter what, I'm taking the most efficient route when it comes to farming for those ever elusive head and weapon drops. I'll just use the next "OP OMG PEOPLE ARE RUINING MY GAME EXPERIENCE BY NOT PLAYING THE WAY I SAY THEY SHOULD BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT I FIND MOST FUN!" combination of items and there's nothing you can do to stop me. Except, you know, whine and ruin my fun. But sure, if Gearbox listens to you that means you're already right, and not just making a lot of unbearable noise.

I just can't believe people hate efficiency so much.

User Info: AStrawhatPirate

4 years ago#392
I dont need the Bee to make Terra my b**** so this nerf is pointless but w/e

User Info: DOSF

4 years ago#393
Wowza. All this butt hurt over something being nerfed.

Fact. The Bee is getting altered. How much so, no one knows.

Fact. Those against said alteration, can do nothing about it. Whining like little female dogs isn't going to change nothing. Deal with it.

Whether or not the community brought the thing to Gearbox's attention, surely the action they're taking proves that in some way or another they don't like the way it's working (doesn't mean it's broken by the way). Again, deal with it.
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User Info: hibmosis

4 years ago#394
Just to clear up a HUGE misunderstanding some people have.

The fact that Gearbox is addressing The Bee in NO WAY proves it's OP or needs to be corrected. It doesn't mean it's NOT WORKING the way it was meant to. All it shows is that Gearbox, like devs from other games, will look into it whatever the group making the most noise is complaining about. Same with many MMOs, it's easier for the Devs to appease the loudest voices by just giving them what they want, even if the item in question works exactly how it was intended.

Yes it has scenarios where it works great however it also has many scenarios where it's almost worthless. It's quite easy to be killed while running through the masses due to the extremely poor protection it provides. Yes it regenerates quickly but in play through 2 most enemies I've come across drop the shield with 1 or 2 hits and most of the time I'm either finding cover or running without a shield.

The truth is if it wasn't for everyone duping it the shield wouldn't probably be an issue. Most wouldn't have it and those that spent hours farming it would have been aptly rewarded for our time investment. That's the point of the legendary items to begin with, isn't it? You spend a ton of time to get it and you're rewarded for your dedication?

Heck I didn't even know of the shield until I was level 50 and then it took me a couple hours to actually get mine and it almost seems worth it. Almost.

Nerfing the shield will not improve the community. It'll only ruin an item that isn't that easy to obtain (duping aside). Nerfing damage removes the purpose of the shield (high damage minimal protection) so what do you do then? Boost protection level? Or perhaps add slight amp drain, decrease recharge rate, leave damage as is, and boost protection level to compensate for drain and slower recharge. Of course this still destroys what the shield was, slaps everyone that took the time to acquire it (farm) in the face and removes it's status. It's now any other amp shield. It'll just be another item sent off to the merchant.

This could also set off a nerf war. You got my item nerfed so I'll go out of my way to get your items nerfed and so on. It's happened plenty of times before in other games so I can easily see it happen here. I have the shield you think is over powered however you have a gun I don't have so I think it's over powered. It's not an ideal solution but people are petty and that's what happens.

Personally I think they have many other issues to worry about other then a petty complaint about one shield. Take me for instance. I love the Siren however if I use the siren my game freezes up every single time someone enters, leaves, loads, or the game saves. I have died dozens of times by running off a cliff because the damn game froze and even though I STOPPED my guy from moving the freeze has her continue and boom, dead. It doesn't happen on any other character just the Siren and so far the Siren is the only one I enjoy using.

This caused me to level my Siren to 50 playing about 90% solo. And I still suffered dozens of deaths to this freeze glitch. And yes the game is installed to my hard drive and I have backed up all my save files onto each storage device and tried running off each. My xbox apparently hates the Siren class.

Maybe when the Mech hits I'll find that one enjoyable and wont have to worry about the freeze issue. Maybe not though. Something tells me though that without substantial DLC, new level cap, more high end bosses to kill, or something, I'll be done with this game rather soon. It doesn't seem to have the staying power, to me, as the first one.

Can't really complain though since I have put a lot of hours into it and (aside from the freezing and multiply deaths directly related to it) I have enjoyed the heck out of it. More so then most games I pay 60 bucks for.

User Info: Mister Leonheart

Mister Leonheart
4 years ago#395
DOSF posted...
Wowza. All this butt hurt over something being nerfed.

Whining like little female dogs isn't going to change nothing. Deal with it..

You heard it here first folks, whining like a small female dog will change something. So keep up the whining, because it will surely help out a whole bunch.
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User Info: superdiddy34

4 years ago#396
to 500 everyone

User Info: GujinKami

4 years ago#397
Another day, another post.

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User Info: Panopictonguy

4 years ago#398
OrgeLambart posted...
I played through the game until level 50 and the only orange items I picked up in the game were

2 homing bonus packages level 5 and 34

Must have killed Bad Maw about 300 times, Warrior 30 - 40 times, Terra about 15 times.

I don't count the drops from Terra because those wouldn't have been gotten without the Duped gear I have

Although the only drops of note Terra has done, Slayer Class mods for all four characters, and 1 blood of Terra

I played through the game twice, up and through PT 2.5 with 1 character.

Nearly about to beat the game with a second character and various points with 2 other characters.

4 bossess you farmed.

Looking at the guide I can see at least 20 unique named super bad
ass enemies. I fight them all at random. Right now I have 5 Orange in my inventory and a few more on other characters and I haven't started play through 2 yet. Actually one of them I got from KD in PT 2 then came back to PT1.

Just enjoy the game and you'll eventually get rare loot. It's not that hard, farming four bosses for hours isn't going to get you anywhere fast. Hell if you fought other bosses you night have been able to trade for things you wanted.
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User Info: Reiver_Neriahz

4 years ago#399
NinjaMarion posted...
Reiver_Neriahz posted...
NinjaMarion posted...
Jesus Christ. Where did I say it was perfect? Learn to read. I'm saying you guys crying about something that doesn't effect you is making them consider nerfing it. YOU PEOPLE then countered trying to claim that you know what Gearbox meant to do and we're all being crybabies and refusing to play how Gearbox wanted. My whole point is Gearbox designed this intentionally (if they didn't want the shield to be powerful, they wouldn't have given it downsides to balance that), so you guys can't use the "You're wrong because this isn't how Gearbox wanted the item to be!" crap you guys keep spewing. Argue it's too powerful all you want (though it's not, a GBX put balancing things in like the low capacity and being useless after even a point of damage, while giving the "tough" bosses enemies and counter measures to do the chip damage to negate it), but you guys repeatedly insisting Gearbox is just "fixing a broken weapon that they never intended to be this powerful" rather than just placating whining babies is laughable.

Wow such an excellent downside that it's able to wreck anything in seconds flat! Including every boss! That was excellent planning that I'm sure they wanted included in the game. Not like it couldn't have slipped by testing or anything, nooooo, it's how they wanted it, and they're just changing it so people will stop complaining.

But wait....won't people STILL complain after they nerf it? You honestly think they won't get complaints about the nerfing? Guess they'll just be stuck in a loop of nerfing/unerfing since they're only listening to us and not fixing something they intended >.>.

... really? So again, when it's something you don't like, it's "They clearly didn't foresee this!" WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR EVIDENCE OF THIS? They don't say "Well we think it's overpowered so we're gonna change it." It's "The community is complaining about it" (which, by the way, every poll on this and the GBX forums indicates is the minority, just an incredibly loud-whining one). If you crybabies are going to insist that it's broken and Gearbox never intended to design it this way, show some proof. There is none. There's evidence they deliberately put a strong offensive shield that sucks for defense into the game, taking special note to put things to balance it in place. But not a shred of evidence supporting the "the shield is a mistake" magical fairy dream you guys keep throwing out. AGAIN, ARGUE IT'S BROKE ALL YOU WANT, BUT STOP THIS "GEARBOX WANTED IT THIS WAY!" GARBAGE WHEN THEY DESIGNED IT LIKE THIS!

The evidence is that they're changing it. Sucks for defense? Yeah, my ~30k Bee (after buffs) sure is worthless for defense SINCE I CAN TAKE A HIT FROM TERRA AND LIVE. Unless you find a Pangolin or maybe Anshin shield you won't find a shield with MUCH more than that.

You guys are so empty in the head it's ridiculous. Where is the evidence that they're changing it because we whined...did they SAY that's why they're changing it???

Do you complain when other developers nerf things in their games? Why is it so hard to believe that these things are overlooked? Can you explain to me that?
GT: Reiver Neriah
Maliwan <3

User Info: MetaIGearRex

4 years ago#400
MetaIGearRex posted...
I love how the "crybabies" want a harder/more challenging game...
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