1:24:10 Nerfs Confirmed!

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User Info: Seto_Ryu

5 years ago#61
Finally. Maybe a bit of variety now.

User Info: GujinKami

5 years ago#62
From: CinderDragon77 | #260

Calm down.
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User Info: Ether_Sword

5 years ago#63
Panopictonguy posted...
DigitalFusion posted...
Don't mind them nerfing stuff but nerfing the bee which helped kill bosses quicker could have negative effects...

More dupers for example!

Not many people will want to farm endless hours even longer without the bee's power.

But i'm sure there's other legit methods of quick kills.

Getting the Bee in PT1 considerably reduces the challenge in PT2.

If you have the patience to find one. But then it would make sense if your patience is rewarded for something to reduce the challenge (as long as you don't get hit often.)
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User Info: Fungum

5 years ago#64
Well that's irritating. The mobs aren't hard or difficult without The Bee. It simply makes them more tolerable to farm for hours.

Seto_Ryu posted...
Finally. Maybe a bit of variety now.

No one is forcing you to use The Bee. There won't be any new "variety." The majority of farmers will find the next combo to take down bosses and mobs as quickly as possible.

It's like Blizzard trying to eliminate cookie-cutter builds. It's something that will never happen. So quit changing the game play mechanics to try and make it so.

User Info: Stopthink

5 years ago#65
Yea, good luck finding something as effective as the bee lol.
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User Info: CinderDragon77

5 years ago#66
GujinKami posted...
From: CinderDragon77 | #260

I'm so mad that you're right that I'm going to act like you didn't say anything and turn your quote into something else because I don't have a decent rebuttal

At least try to make it look like you're not being a troll.

And...well since they can't actually kill anything with the atrocious amount of health the enemies have you'll be sure to see a ton of variety in the modded one-hit kill weapons and infinite shields since that is the only way almost anyone will be able to kill anything anymore.
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User Info: CloakedNub

5 years ago#67
Well, hopefully they don't just outright ruin The Bee. Which will be hard to do. Change just about anything, and it'll become useless. It's already useless once you take any damage.

I don't really see the point here. Exactly what balance is needed in a game like Borderlands? This game is in no-way competitive. The only complaints about The Bee are from people who can't kill things as fast as people who are using The Bee. So...don't play with randoms who have already acquired it? Seems like a much easier solution than whining to Gearbox.

User Info: Bhellium

5 years ago#68
That is an option but it's not a great one, open public games being what they are. Only playing private is an option but not a perfect solution either.
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User Info: Cmac4

5 years ago#69
Gujin would you agree though that there are more important things that need to be patched first? Stuff like modding or the gamebreaking profile glitch that still isnt fixed for some people. Then there are sooo many weapons that are just underpowered, most combat rifles for instance are extremely underwhelming. Or the extremely low drop rate for legendaries which causes people to look for game breaking stuff like The Bee just to speed up the boring that is farming the same boss for 10+ hours to get one Orange. Maybe its just me but id much rather see them buff the underpowered stuff before nerfing the OP stuff. It just seems like there are quite a few concerns from the community that they should work on first before zer0ing in on The Bee. I dont really mind The Bee getting nerfed that much, it wont affect me a whole lot but IMO there are other things that need tweaking first.

As a side note the nerf will most likely make The Bee pretty useless which is a little sad. If they have it drain shield like other amps then its pretty much no longer a legendary, its just a slightly better amp shield which arnt great anyways since you dont really get enough damage for the huge survivability you loose. If all they do is reduce its amp damage some then itll still be used just as often it will just take slightly longer to kill stuff. So it seems like after the nerf everyone will either continue to use it or they will just use Hide instead and everybody will still be running around with identical shields.

User Info: DigitalFusion

5 years ago#70

The bee does make weapons way OP but there are weapons out there that can take hours/days to farm and i love borderlands 2, but id rather enjoy it and not stay farming 1 boss to improve gear.

The bee just made things slightly quicker. What could take 24 hours turns into 12 and 12 hours is long enough for 1 piece of loot.

I also dont agree with dupers, but do you see people farming some of the times mentioned on these forums or do you see them simply duping or asking for duped version.

Nerfing the bee ain't gonna make alot of things better, just a hell lot longer :)
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