Anybody feel like helping a girl out? :D

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User Info: TheDragonMarked

5 years ago#91
LadyTeleute posted...
hypnotized by the mystical vag. .

Gt: thedragonmarked

User Info: BoxTheMuppet

5 years ago#92
HighOnPhazon posted...
ITT: Basement dwelling troglodytes that were taught to hate women by their mother, whom with they still live. are far too pretty to know a big word like that. Why don't you be a doll and run in the kitchen and make daddy a sammich?
#1 at absolutely nothing!

User Info: coydog_30

5 years ago#93
okay, now this perfectly fine PSU thread has been derailed.
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User Info: Retneug

5 years ago#94
LadyTeleute posted...

[Many links]

Seriously, there are other people getting help too. This one is just getting more offers because it's staying on the first page, which is because of jackasses jumping all over the TC for using the word "girl".

Apologies for the late reply; Canadian thanksgiving got in the way.

When I said "nobody helps guys", that was intentional hyperbole. The truth is that very few people help guys posting a similar topic. Most of the links you gave involve male TCs offering the promise of some reward in return; the others ask for nothing in return, and get between 1-5 posts as a result.

That's the important distinction here. This "female" TC asks for nothing in return, and the topic has swollen to a hilarious nigh-on 100 posts.

And as I mentioned before it's mostly sarcasm and, surprisingly, deep discussion. That's what I love about this topic! Every response is gold because it can't not be. :D
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Letting the days go by... Water flowing underground.
SteveUrkelsAnus posted...
I can kind of see how others would think that she's using her gender to get help. If it had just come up in casual conversation like "I haven't had time to farm. I've been so busy with my job and school work and buying tampons and seeing my friends." then that would have been different.

I lol'd at this.
I want to move to a nice, quaint house in the suburbs with the T-Mobile girl and make lots of babies with her.
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  3. Anybody feel like helping a girl out? :D

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