Using skins for other characters?

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User Info: rdilles

5 years ago#1
I tried searching but didn't see anything relevant in the first few of the 50+ pages of results, but I have a quick question:

If I find and "use" a skin for a different character class (ie, I'm playing as Zero and find/use a gunzerker skin), will it automatically unlock and be accessible if I create a gunzerker character? Or do I need to use the stash to transfer it to a gunzerker character, and unlock it with the correct character class?

Thanks in advance!

User Info: Evel138

5 years ago#2
Yes to the first question.
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User Info: Dranaxscas

5 years ago#3
The first one.
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User Info: rdilles

5 years ago#4
Thanks for the quick replies!

User Info: Nailbomb

5 years ago#5
All skins and heads are unlocked for the entire profile. No need to save them unless you're trying to trade for the other rare ones.
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