Gaige + Scooter = Profit????

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User Info: Sl3pniir

5 years ago#481
question about completely unrelated game
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User Info: Soul_On_Display

5 years ago#482
Posting on how baffled I am that this topic will probably be the first to make it to 500. Yes, a post that is about a Scooter + Gaige fantasy...stay classy, GFaqs, stay classy...
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User Info: fffez

5 years ago#483

User Info: Sl3pniir

5 years ago#484
Gaige*Tannis is the best.
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User Info: fffez

5 years ago#485

User Info: simkinvanya

5 years ago#486
KLOUDrocks posted...
I still don't even understand what the original intent of this topic was. Was it wordplay? Does the TC believe that Gaige's Cooter would result in a profit? Do they expect the child of Gaige and Scooter to rake in millions? Does the TC simply imply that, by utilizing their mechanical skills, both Gaige and Scooter could run a shop that would make them instantly rich?

I'm so lost...

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User Info: BayouJoe

5 years ago#487
Axton and Lillith doing it on Rolands grave.
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User Info: Dragon_Oblivion

5 years ago#488
Just wanted my name in here for the 500 post =]
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User Info: iAmTheTot

5 years ago#489
Post explaining that this topic has lost its original meaning in the last twenty posts or so and tries to get it back on track with a post like this.
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User Info: minimang123

5 years ago#490
GT: minimang123
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