How do you get around this 49 billion compatibility pack bs?

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  3. How do you get around this 49 billion compatibility pack bs?

User Info: g52

4 years ago#1
The one night of the week I get to play this game online...what is this garbage?

User Info: MetaIGearRex

4 years ago#2
You can't play?

User Info: Thekiller37

4 years ago#3
same problem as well. Can't play with my friend in my party.
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User Info: pandoraorb

4 years ago#4
My friend and I DLed new character but can't connect.

Can anyone play online?
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User Info: MetaIGearRex

4 years ago#5
Maybe if your friend deletes the update, until you can play?

User Info: BassGsSpDeluxe

4 years ago#6
The pricing for the compatibility pack is bugged.

Gearbox has working with Microsoft to fix the issue.

Glitches happen, it isn't "BS". Get over yourself.
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User Info: im_a_double_xl

4 years ago#7
They changed the price so people wouldn't get it. It didn't work before, and they are working on a way to fix it. When the patch could be downloaded, it still didn't let people without the mechro play with people that had it.

User Info: eli_loves_ddr

4 years ago#8
I can't play either.

I can live with the tons of bugs that require me to restart my game to complete a quest (happened to me 6 times in my first playthrough). But now I can't even play. Get your crap together Gearbox. If you didn't make such a great game, I would hate you for this.

User Info: thatman6sic6

4 years ago#9
Wait till patch within 24hrs... And if u still can connect 2 ppl dont dashboard
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User Info: swagger_naut

4 years ago#10
i actuallyed paid for it. can i get my money back i didnt know it was that much.
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  3. How do you get around this 49 billion compatibility pack bs?

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