Is Gaige really worth $10.00?

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User Info: lnknprk_45

5 years ago#21
It's a bit difficult to say because if you look at it from the view of how many hours you'll get out of her then it's more than worth it, but at the same time 10 bucks for a character feels like a lot considering the DLC packs are going to also be 10 bucks. From the view of how much content Gaige has, she isn't worth 10 bucks. She should be 5 if you base it on new content.

Basically, it all depends on whether you view its worth by how much game time it will give you vs how much content you are getting. Gaige isn't a lot of content since it's just the character being played in the same content that you have already played as with another character. A DLC pack with new quests might have more new content, but it would take less of your time to go through.


It's worth it if you judge worth by time. It's not worth it if you judge worth by content.


5 years ago#22
Even as a free pre order it's hardly worth it to me. The class is not that appealing (to me), and if I had to pay 10 dollars for it, I would not have it.

User Info: Akumu813

5 years ago#23
Totally worth it. She's the most powerful character in either game. It's like they took the best aspect of everyone and through them into one character.

Deathtrap is almost as good as bloodwing, but makes up for the worse movement by the hurt it can dish. It's seriously a mobile version of Axton's turret. She gets some fantastic elemental bonuses that are almost on par with Maya,, and then with Anarchy/Discord, she can be as chaotic as Brick or Sal, while dealing more damage than the two of them combined.

Yes she does have a learning curve (though it's not that bad) but she's the only class that I could imagine not needing a level cap increase, because she's already so powerful. If they increase it by 19 points again, she will become the literal definition of hax.

User Info: megagooseqqq

5 years ago#24
I'd pay ten. But I got it for free, so whatever.

User Info: BassGsSpDeluxe

5 years ago#25
Noning posted...
Guys don't forget that $9.99 also gives you the golden key, hunter relic, and some other weapons along with Gaige. Death Trap is pretty awesome, but I still prefer 2 gun turrets.

BFF Deathtrap makes the turrets look like garbage,

Upshot Robot is god tier.
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User Info: Dtothe3

5 years ago#26
Look at it another way.

She costs the same as;

1. A gallon of fuel.
2. A large burger king.
3. A **** from a lady of the night.
4. 3 pints. (buying her and a 4pack would be the same as 4 pints at a pub).
5. A dimebag.

Pretty sure she is worth it vs all of those. Why not play with someone who uses her and see what you think.
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User Info: randomsentinel

5 years ago#27
TripThree74 posted...
Social_Sin posted...
TripThree74 posted...
I mean I have checked out her skill tree and it looks complicated and lack luster. $5.00 I would pay in a heart beat but $10.00. I don't know.

Nobody can tell you if it's worth your money, it's your money. You've already stated you'd pay $5 but are wary on $10 for a character and that her skill trees really don't tickle your fancy. It sounds like you've already made your choice

I'm not looking for facts. Just looking for opinions. How does she play. Is she good enough that you would change from your current vault hunter?

after 5 days play time of siren i'm considering a change. she has more interactive talents going on, and after trying all kinds of normal and ridiculous siren builds, i feel like all i do when i play that character is wait for phase lock to come up. so far i don't feel that playing mechro.
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User Info: Bhellium

5 years ago#28
I wouldn't pay $10 for her, but pet classes aren't really my thing so that's to be expected.
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