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What exactly is a "Flesh Stick"?

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  3. What exactly is a "Flesh Stick"?

User Info: PathlessBullet

5 years ago#1
ADD, no. Where is the thread for Fallout OCD players?
"We have to keep it on page 3 or it freaks out."

User Info: illbzo1

5 years ago#2
Ask your mom.

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User Info: led777

5 years ago#3
Hop in my windowless van and let the learning begin.
Life sucks. Wear a helmet.

User Info: iAmTheTot

5 years ago#4
A stick of flesh.
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User Info: Chocobo_Lover22

5 years ago#5
why he is the guest of honor of course

User Info: Joe_Cobbs

5 years ago#6
What I'm touching while typing a message to you.

User Info: Hollow_Point_MK

5 years ago#7
killbot357 posted...
Ask your mom.


his mom wouldnt know. his dad might.
Many men live for the present. Great men die for the future.

User Info: WyCKeDGrYN

5 years ago#8 this game..haha..

So...many...comments to make!!!
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User Info: ShadowOfDeath

5 years ago#9
Joe_Cobbs posted...
What I'm touching while typing a message to you.

i was expecting an actual pic of a flesh stick in that url...

...i was sadly disappointed
The fetus is just nature's tampon. When it finally comes out, it's all bloody and attached to a string!
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  3. What exactly is a "Flesh Stick"?

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