best bosses to farm? (maybe tiny spoilers)

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User Info: IIRothanII

4 years ago#1
I really want to get the best weapons i can but i really hate farming! Im using the cunning zer0 and i use pistol, smg and shottie. Apparently the best pistol is Infinity, and shottie is Striker or CC. I've farmed Dr Mercy about 30 times and still no drop, and its starting to make me angry! Is there an easier boss to farm, because i keep getting killed by the bandits for some reason! Im on 2.5, and another question is, is there a better pistol and whats the best SMG?

User Info: Dranaxscas

4 years ago#2
"Best" is all rather subjective.... I think the Maggie > Infinity, and the "best" SMGs for me are the Slagga and Baby Maker.

Maggie - portable shotgun!
Slagga - awesome slag of AWESOME
Baby Maker - tediore reload = panic button when down and/or massive damage dealer when up with a fully charged Bee
GT: KuteKuddleyKiwi

User Info: IIRothanII

4 years ago#3
Thanks for the reply, i'll try maggie and baby maker then! How do i get these weapons? And what's the best (strongest) shield?

User Info: MC2011

4 years ago#4
Maggie = Mick Zaford (part of the feud line of quests between the Hodunks and Zafords. Have to side with the Hodunks at the end). Found in The Dust just outside the Lynchwood entrance once the questline is complete.

Baby Maker = Madame Von Bartlesby (part of one of Tiny Tina's quests). Found on top of the hill to your right when you enter the Tundra Express from the main entrance (next to the bandit buzzard town).
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User Info: PojoTheChicken

4 years ago#5
Thing is too, that the legendary equips are not always the best. Shotguns come to mind (for non-bossing), mods, etc...Some of that stuff you're just going to get random from loot runs.

For specific boss runs for specific gear though, the PS3 forum has a nice sticky up to check to get what you want! The infinity and maggie are both really nice guns. Zero in particular has a specific build built towards the infinity weapon (plus you can elemental versions of the legendary weapons).

If you're just looking to do a quick chest run/boss run I recommend the fyrestone area. There's 3 red chests, a boss (the robot, sorry I forget his name!), and a silver chest you can farm really quickly.

User Info: IIRothanII

4 years ago#6
Thanks, any idea what the best shield is?

User Info: PSO_playa

4 years ago#7
to the above poster, i believe the robot boss name you're looking for is "Saturn"

Edit: To the post above the above poster xD
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User Info: ANort175

4 years ago#8
Definitely try and get a Hellfire from Scorch. By far the best fire SMG in the game, since it gets a huge elemental damage bonus to its bullets, and its stats are always really solid. You won't get the healing like with Moxxi's Good Touch, but the added damage more than makes up for it.

User Info: tcrosby86

4 years ago#9
getting tired of farming for smg's. anyone willing to dupe? i have conf. call/bee/other orange gear.

GT - Tcrosby86
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