better damage: torgue or jakobs

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User Info: darthzokk21

5 years ago#1
torgue is slower but the shots do double damage
jakobs are very high damage and fire very fast (if you're good )
wich is better dps?
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User Info: Guillermo55

5 years ago#2
For my money, Jacobs easily. Torgue is just a pain in the ass to hit with if you aren't five feet away.

User Info: Revok616

5 years ago#3
Yeah, Jakobs is definitely the way to go.

User Info: crabman

5 years ago#4
Depends on who you're fighting really. Jakobs overall probably.
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User Info: incinerator950

5 years ago#5
Both do their job.
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User Info: dueric

5 years ago#6
In practice, with all things being equal, I'd say Jakobs.

Jakobs generally have decent accuracy, high fire rates, and fast reloads.

Torgue's have huge on paper damage, but a longer reload and generally bad accuracy.
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User Info: lonelyhuntr

5 years ago#7
If it took more than 1 shot you weren't using a Jakobs
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  3. better damage: torgue or jakobs

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