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User Info: dumanyo

4 years ago#1
My level 32 Maya is still using a level 12 class mod - Wild Cat (Green), +77% SMG damage, -10% SMG accuracy, +2 Accelerate.

I have picked up blue and purple Wild Cats since then but every single one of them had worse +SMG damage and worse -SMG accuracy (i.e. +40% damage, -20% accuracy, etc), and then several skill point bonuses which don't seem to improve over the current class mod.

Do the % numbers generate randomly, or do they tend toward lower damge, worse accuracy and more skill points as you progress?
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User Info: EiyuJPN

4 years ago#2
stats on stuff or always randomly generated but they tend to have a max limit which you want to strive for.

my best purple wild cat mod was 94% dmg -37 accuracy and +5 and 4 in the respective skills.

That said I believe the damage was max or near max and I have never seen an accuracy that low in proportion to such a high damage, if the damage were lower then the accuracy should be lower as well since I had a +75 dmg that had around -20 accuracy.

+5 or 6 is usually max skill point if you have two skills being buffed. Its max ranges from 4-5 if it buffs around 3 skills.

So keep hunting and you might find one similar to what I found or even better.
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User Info: packman1010

4 years ago#3
I'm pretty sure I was using a 94% damage - 2x % accuracy for a while. tossed it once I got the bee and conference call
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User Info: glock288

4 years ago#4
I've got one with 94% damage and only -26% accuracy. I think they can spawn anywhere in the range, regardless of the other stat.

User Info: Dranaxscas

4 years ago#5
glock288 posted...
I've got one with 94% damage and only -26% accuracy. I think they can spawn anywhere in the range, regardless of the other stat.

This. Based on how class mods are constructed, this should be accurate. "Should be" is there because I have not toyed with a Cat mod, specifically.
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User Info: DarkLeemer

4 years ago#6
I have one with +94% damage and -22 Accuracy and +5 to accelerate, +4 to Mind's eye, +3 to Wreck I think. Not a bad one at all. I'm a little sad the third skill isn't a little higher but it's still better than most.
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