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how do you get special edition heads?

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  3. how do you get special edition heads?

User Info: revan292

5 years ago#1
Are they obtainable in the game? or are they something you originaly get if you purchases a certain edition of the game upon release?

I saw axton's "Special edition Snowblind" head in a video and loved it, even though i know not how to get it x.x

So how do you get these SE heads? Yes, i know players "dupe" items to trade between one another but i mean how do you originaly find/or get them.

(I do not have borderlands 2 yet but am highly interested in it)
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User Info: Vykeria

5 years ago#2
It's from the deluxe/Vault Hunter edition of the game.
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User Info: Nelorox

5 years ago#3
Find someone wth limited edition. He makes new commando. Drops head for you. Profit!
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User Info: RINGOUT

5 years ago#4
Someone who bought the game will have it in their inventory whenever they create a character. So they can trade it, dupe it, sell it, whatever they feel like. If you ask on the forums someone with the heads will usually be willing to dupe it for ryou.
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  3. how do you get special edition heads?

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