All Borderlands 2 LOOPHOLES *spoilers*

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User Info: Square_Face

4 years ago#81
The theory of New-U stations being canon cheapens the story. It's like DC and Marvel's continues revival of superheroes who die then come back to life then die again then come back to life... It goes on.

Come on guys, it's just a gameplay mechanic. PLS, for the love of god, stop looking into the new-u stations so much just because of little references throughout the game. References that aren't even made in the mainquest. Of course, this is just my opinion of canon new-u stations. So just ignore my ramblings if you want to.
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User Info: GameplayZero

4 years ago#82
Derailer posted...
whitepsychtiger posted...
GameplayZero posted...

5) Angel. So she is a siren. Whats her powers? Jack gave her control over technology so that couldn't be it. It seems Gearbox just made Angel as a siren just for plot purposes.


Exactly. The clue was super early too when she said "Activating Phaseshift". You knew something was fishy about Angel being an "A.I".

Phaselock, Phasewalk, and Phaseshift. Guess that makes sense. Can't believe I missed that.

User Info: Soul_On_Display

4 years ago#83
My God, TC. There are SO MANY holes in your logic. Honestly, take things with careful analysis next time.

1: Jack DOES create giant robots to attack. Saturn was probably the biggest one. These things actually cost money, and even though Jack and his company are wealthy, they can't afford to just spew out extreme robots like the Bunker or Saturn. The other robots are technically NOT designed for combat, that is why there is an abundance of them. They are loaders, workers, if you will. It is far cheaper to send your very own worker bots than build battle ready ones. He does have battle ready ones too, like the RPG Loaders and such, but those are far cheaper than making a bunch of Bunkers.

4: That is called separation of game and story. Once the original vault hunters became NPC and just part of the narrative, they became limited by more realistic standards. The player, and any character the player uses, is supposed to be nearly unbeatable because the devs want players to feel a sense of power.

5: This point you listed proved how much you didn't pay attention to the story. Jack didn't "give" her access to all technology on pandora. Her siren power GAVE her that benefit. Remember how many times she said "executing phase shift?" Well, that's what her power is called, phase-shift. All sirens have a "phase-something" power. Angel's power allowed her to manipulate technology in some way.

6: Remember how I mentioned the separation of narrative and gameplay? Well, this one follows under than too. Even so, the devs didn't forget about that detail. There is a reason why Gaige doesn't have any damage or critical hit buffs within her perk trees (other than anarchy). That reason is because she isn't experienced with guns in the first place. Also, she is a rogue type of girl who is into extreme engineering and by the looks of it, all things punk. It wouldn't surprise me if she also had personal experience with guns as a hobby in her past life.

7: Roland was shot right in the heart. That could be why Roland can't be revived. Lilith wasn't hit with a fatal wound. She was just exhausted from Eridium use. Like I said, pay attention.

8: They have no need to explain something that is only there for gameplay purposes. It is irrelevant to just about everything in the story.

9: She not only has booby traps everywhere (including the one used to trap flesh stick at the entrance) but she's a psychopathic bomb expert. It would make more than enough sense that bandits avoid her due to fear alone.

10: Claptrap by all means was always a hilarious but extremely pathetic character that in normal instances, would pose no threat. When banded together with the protagonists, people make use of his abilities and even give him invisibility, but otherwise, it is very possible that Jack simply underestimated Claptrap. I know I would have given the evidence of his usefulness before the story events.

11: This is probably the biggest piece of evidence that proves you didn't pay almost any attention to the story. Lilith's power is called "phase-walk." With that ability, she can temporarily slip into another dimension-thing-place and remain undetected and protected from the outside world. With the power, however, she can also transport things. Since things that are in this dimension can phase through matter in the real dimension, she just carried the whole town of sanctuary to its new destination. As for transporting the vault hunter, she is still not fully able to control her phase walking. Eridium is an alien substance that actually is meant to empower sirens and their abilities. But this also means their powers become harder to control. by accident, it is possible that she simply lost control of the vault hunter while phase-walking and trying to concentrate on moving a giant, flying city.

Understand now?
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User Info: tinyjotun

4 years ago#84
Nanis23 posted...
Another question is why Wilhem is being hyped even though Saturn is the ultimate Hyperion robot (that we know of)

All the hype was the words of Admiral Akbar, "IT'S A TRAP!"
Remember? Killing Wilhelm, then getting the power core. Then installing power core, then shields go down, then bombarding of Sanctuary. It was all a ploy for that reason.

User Info: thebobevil

4 years ago#85
These are plotholes, not loopholes.

User Info: KillfaceDingo

4 years ago#86
Only read page one so don't if this has already been pointed out, but the word you are looking for is plothole, not loophole. lol
GT: Mighty Boosh420
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User Info: chinocholo

4 years ago#87
Isn't Angel's power talking into your head? I mean she's not going through the echo, because she's not in the little box a top of the screen. Maybe she's just popping up in your heads up display.

Also they could've done alot more with her live action player. but didn't..
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User Info: KillfaceDingo

4 years ago#88
chinocholo posted...

Also they could've done alot more with her live action player. but didn't..

What? Am I missing something? There is no live action in this game.
GT: Mighty Boosh420
I like to dissect girls. Did you know I'm utterly insane?

User Info: TSReaper

4 years ago#89
GameplayZero posted...

3) Mordecai's bloodwing. Some said that the birds change genders over time but that sounds like a developer mistake (maybe or maybe not).

6) Gaige. Surprised huh? I understand why she came to pandora but why does she suddenly know how to use a gun? Gearbox didn't clear this up, not that it really matters since it doesn't explain why Maya even uses a gun. I don't really care either way cause I get to shoot stuff.

8) The obvious New U Station. Jack dies and thats it? He freakin controls the New U Station. I understand this only a game mechanic not used in the story, but why not explain that. I honestly still think Jack is alive.

10) Claptrap. So he is the last of his kind. How? He did so much in this story that Jack has to realize that Claptrap is a potential threat (I never thought I'd say that). Hacking the invisible wall and opening the door to Hero's pass. The only reason I could think of a reason why Jack couldn't get to claptrap is because he could go invisible. So?

3) One of the devs explained this on the Gearbox forums(not sure if they clarified it anywhere else, though). Bloodwing is essentially like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, and changed gener halfway through its lifespan. This is apparently a real thing that happens with some animals in real life. And the game even makes reference to Bloodwing having been male in the first game.

6) There's nothing to suggest that Gaige has any real skill wth guns(aside from player ability). It's more that she gets lucky with them(Nth Degree, Close Enough).

8) If the New-U stations exist in the story, and not just as a gameplay mechanic, it could be that Jack was too arrogant to think he needed to be in the system himself. The original vault hunters would have been removed before the start of this game. Also cut dialogue suggests that Angel kept the new vault hunters in the system so that they could stop Jack, and then Jack kept them in so that he could kill them himself.

10) The only reason Claptrap's the last of his kind is because of the original vault hunters whipping out the others, and Jack discontinuing the production of Claptraps. Claptrap on his own was no longer considered a threat.
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User Info: TheNo1Guy

4 years ago#90
Giant cyborg... Remember Knoxx??
I agree the original Hunters got robbed in this game, they should have been far more powerful.
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