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User Info: Gemini_Red

4 years ago#1
Until I get bored I'm going to have a giveaway of various legendaries(all lvl 50). Such items include

Evolution Shield
Analytical Actualizer
Scout Seraphim

Legendary Weapons;
Purging Infinity
Critical Conference Call(Fire)
Severe Shredifier
Two Fer Maggie
Original Deliverance
Acuminous Hellfire
Onslaught Veruc
Monstrous Volcano(Fire)
Razrez White Death(Corrosive)
Deft Emperor(Slag)
Refill Baby Maker
Sledge's Shotgun
Skookum Skullmasher
Ballanced Slagga(Slag)
Stiff Unkempt Harold
Extendified Gub(Corrosive)
Deep a nukem
Social B****
Punitory Norfleet(Fire)
Super Gunerang(Shock)
Akurate Madhous!(Fire)

Tediore Relic 70/30
Proficiency relic; 35 cooldown

The Bee
Blast Proof Hide of Terramorphous
Inflammable Flame of the Firehawk
Black Hole
Grounded The Bee
The Sham(94%)
And finally the Sticky Homing Bonus Package, and the Legendary Mechro Mod

A few rules.
1. Please be in Sanctuary. If I join your game and you are not there, I will leave.
2. You get everything in this package. If there is something you did not want or need, then sell or trade it but please do not ask for substitutions.
3. To go with #1 please be waiting out by where you can change your skins/heads. When you see my menu pop up please stay in my line of sight.
4. Please send a game invite ONLY. Depending on how many are interested I may not be able to respond to a message.
5. I hate to add this but circumstances have caused it; Once our business is done, our business is DONE. Please do not contact me frequently asking if I have other items/skins or heads/if I power level. I don't mind helping, and I don't mind the occasional question if I have a certain item or not, but if I get repeatedly asked daily for various favors you will be blocked without warning. Sorry to have to add this as a rule. 99% of the people I've worked with in the past have been great. Alas, the 1% still leaves a bad taste.

As for what I want? Nothing. A "Thanks" is enough. I've gotten plenty of help. I'm just paying it back.

As a side note there may be some that I won't be able to help for reasons out of my control. It has happened enough times for me to address it. For whatever reason I may attempt to join another person's game and end up seeing a communication failure notice. Repeated attempts always end up with the same result. If you are one of the unlucky ones I apologize in advance and I will let you know on here if you've won the crap lottery.

Finally, and most important my GT is Sedirus

User Info: shawneb0y

4 years ago#2

User Info: Gemini_Red

4 years ago#3
stlcards, sorry connection failure :(

Edit; Both times. I don't know what causes it, but I can't get into another game that gets that message.

User Info: Smoksalot1

4 years ago#4
thanks a lot

User Info: Tailg8in

4 years ago#5
Thank you!

User Info: Gemini_Red

4 years ago#6
You're welcome, guys. stl, sorry but no luck :(

User Info: Young_Caesar

4 years ago#7
Invite sent.
Nas won.

User Info: creamygoodness1

4 years ago#8
Invite sent JREDQUEST GT. Thanks so much!

User Info: ButtPuppet

4 years ago#9
Invite Sent. Thanks a lot, man!
XBL GT: EthErealist

User Info: Young_Caesar

4 years ago#10
Nas won.
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