Goddammit. You guys won't believe this.

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  3. Goddammit. You guys won't believe this.

User Info: Kpt_Kapowski

5 years ago#121
Corspegrinder28 posted...
Kpt_Kapowski, I sure do appreciate that, dude. Seriously, that meant a lot. Money is tight these days, and that helped a bunch. Be sure to send me a FR on XBL, sir.

unfortunately, my crap connection precludes online play.
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User Info: AtomskShade

5 years ago#122
Erik_P posted...
In all honesty, Its only $60

This guy, lol.

You don't have a job or bills or any type of payments do you? Gotta be a teenager to say something that stupid.

Or someone who knows how to manage their money well enough to have extra for luxuries. Call me what you will, but when you look at it, the fine for doing half this s*** if you get caught, or even the time spent fighting it would be well over $60.

Don't assume that since you can't manage your money that everyone else can't.
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User Info: f0rge

5 years ago#123
the guy with the idea of the fake civil suit probably has the best idea.

if he's willing to steal a $60 game with people watching you can be damn sure he cant afford a lawyer to defend himself in a civil case.

even if it's not real the financial implications alone should scare him straight.

User Info: sicNME

5 years ago#124
Cut off one of the valve stems on one tire on his vehicle. Never talk to him again.

User Info: spartansbrother

5 years ago#125
i wonder what that douche is doing right now...
*wipes brown*

User Info: Phoenixmon2

5 years ago#126
WTF man?! You said there were witnesses!

User Info: Corspegrinder28

5 years ago#127
Yeah, but it doesn't mean **** here in San Antonio. They have to have SOLID proof that it was yours. As in video, pictures, all that nonsense. I know the game is mine, I have the receipt, and that's what pisses me off the most. Feel free to compare games with me and you'll see that I do (or did) indeed own it. You'll also see that it has barely been touched.

I could push it and make the guy pony up a receipt for it, but if he's REALLY that damn desperate to have it he could just find a guy with a receipt for it if he wanted to. Or something along the lines of that. And the guy's house was ****ing trashed and smelled like mad cat ****, and he was on a old ass box Sanyo SD TV, so obviously he's lacking cash (or he's squatting at a friend's place). At this point, yeah I'm still pissed, but I'm over it. He'll get his eventually, and I have lots of friends that carry skateboards in their trunks.
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User Info: HelIWithoutSin

5 years ago#128
If you have a receipt and especially witnesses, you could very easily win in small claims court.
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