Has gearbox attitude towards dupers/cheaters changed your future buy of BL3?

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  3. Has gearbox attitude towards dupers/cheaters changed your future buy of BL3?

User Info: Horsecalledwar7

5 years ago#91
I love it: now the topic becomes the game is flooded with great weapons and there is no challenge. But you don't think a marketplace that rewards players for farming would flood the game. Marketplaces take available players out of casual games and puts them in the business of farming. Either players trade or dupe or they farm and sell in games like these. Either system has drawbacks. If you people think the average gamer is going to play this game for 400 hours to get a weapon that is worth using on an end game raid you're delusional. This is a plug And play casual shooter with a broken loot mechanic. If people wanted prestige level nondupable multiplayer weapons I think they would be playing something else.

User Info: RampageRalf

5 years ago#92
wow never expected this topic to keep going o_0

Like previous posters said, you dupers claiming it has no influence on regular players is purely a made up nonsense defence.

It ruins saves, makes going online suck very bad with everybody running around with too powerful stuff they didnt have to put in any effort for... Its kind of pathetic, and these people will even brag about it xD
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User Info: Master X

Master X
5 years ago#93
Back in the Dreamcast days I used to occasionally accept duped weapons etc. Then I realized something...I just defeated the point of playing the game. YAY! I can sweep entire rooms of enemies with my uber weapon before anyone even enters! YAY! Oh right...it makes the game no longer fun for me (you play the game to look for rare loot and interact with others) and irritating for other people to play with me. Yes, you don't have to play with these people, but it would be nice if you could search for randoms without a 90% chance of getting a team that wipes a room out before you've fired bullet and were you have an actual chance at failure because you don't have a shield 6,000x the max that auto-heals/revives everyone in the party.
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User Info: no1raniuk

5 years ago#95
How about 'Yes I will buy the next game because I really enjoy it and don't care what other players do because I'm not a little whiney baby'?

Whaddya think of them apples?

User Info: hotgamer90

5 years ago#96
Here is why this whole concept of anger against duping is stupid:

1) There is no competitive aspect to the game. The closest thing that you get in that area is agreeing on who gets a neat drop after a hard battle. And that isnt affected by a duper.

2) Duping doesn't affect you. If you don't want a duped item, then don't take it. Or offer something in return for a fair trade.

3) While Duping is in fact Cheating, But, cheating has been an age old tradition in games. Cheat codes that give you infinite health, infinite ammo, max level. Nobody forces you to use those codes, but the developers put them in (mostly for bug testing) and leave them available for others to use.

4) I see only two reasons why someone should get angry against a duper. One would be if they are jealous that someone out there has all of this cool stuff without putting in the fraction of the effort that you are. If that's the case, then freaking get over it, jealousy isn't a trait to be proud of. The second reason would be if you're trying to stroke your ego off of your legit drops. If that's the case, then that is just majorly insecure.

5) As for arguments about dupers corrupting games...that is complete hogwash. Learn your titles before you start throwing out insults. Dupers simply duplicate items for purposes of others getting ahold of rate items. Modders on the other hand go into the coding and create the item from scratch. Some modders just make stuff you can find legit, while others create ultra powerful stuff that the game wasn't programmed to handle. It's this group that ruins your game and should receive your anger.
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User Info: Derailer

5 years ago#97
I'll buy BL3 because I like it, not because OH GOD A GAME EXPLOIT

I've been helped to dupe and really, 97% of my games are played offline so it doesn't really affect anybody. Besides, while others like playing with randoms, I absolutely hate it.
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User Info: AngryOldFeral

5 years ago#98
I hope that Gearbox's stance on dupers causes just enough butt-hurt from you guys that you don't pick up BL3. Then, I'll definitely pick it up.

Oh no, I don't get to play with a bunch of self-entitled, bigoted morons that want to tell people how to play? Say it ain't so... :D
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User Info: Soul_On_Display

5 years ago#99
SuprSaiyanRockr posted...
Why bother starting a poll if you're not going to be objective?
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User Info: RUNwhenCOPScome

5 years ago#100
no1raniuk posted...
How about 'Yes I will buy the next game because I really enjoy it and don't care what other players do because I'm not a little whiney baby'?

Whaddya think of them apples?

Because when you see someone with a rare weapon it should mean something. I know someone who got this game after release and got powerleveled to 50 and received a lot of dupes the very first day he got it. It was funny to see someone lvl50 with every rare weapon asking how to play the game and which perk does what. But it boils down to that the duping method in BL2 is exactly the same as BL2 (edited: oops meant BL1) and the developers did nothing about it.
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  3. Has gearbox attitude towards dupers/cheaters changed your future buy of BL3?

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