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User Info: NoName539

4 years ago#1
Finally got this game, and i 'm still deciding which class to play. Overall, what class is your favorite?

User Info: DrStrang3Love

4 years ago#2
Zero has to be my favorite but I rarely strayed from him so my opinion is not that great but if you want easy, kick ass, not that much of a challenge you may want to go siren for utility and skills.

User Info: oZ0NED_0UTo

4 years ago#3
I've played through each character to level 50 and Salvador is my personal pick.
GT: oZ0NED 0UTo (the 0's are zeroes)

User Info: KillfaceDingo

4 years ago#4
would be in this order

GT: Mighty Boosh420
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User Info: EmperorBlack

4 years ago#5
I'm currently playing Zero.. up to level 31 now and just beat Normal. It's been enjoyable; I've focused on the Sniping skill-tree with him, and I like how many damage bonuses he gets on sniper rifles (secondary will be the Cunning tree once I get "Critical Ascension"). Salvador and Axton have been my favorites though.

Sal can survive nearly anything; it's like the guy basically has 3 life-bars if you focused on the Brawn skill-tree. Life gets low, Gunzerk action skill instantly gets you back to 50% PLUS the constant regeneration that's already going on...life gets low again, you hit the button again and "Come At Me Bro" puts you right back up at 100% immediately...and that's on top of some boosted damage resistance from that *and* "I'm the Juggernaut" whenever you've killed something. On a level 50 Sal, I'm already starting off with about 59,000 HP if I recall, and I'm sure it can be far beyond even that if you use a +__% Health relic and an HP-boosting shield. The dude is borderline invincible, man. Heh, I can't help myself, this post turned into a commercial for how awesome Salvador is. I have a second one that is level 28 now.

User Info: NoName539

4 years ago#6
Anyone else?

User Info: Dyinglegacy

4 years ago#7
My fav is close call between zero and gaige. Just to get a better idea on what to recommend, what type of characters do you generally enjoy playing as?
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User Info: JonnyJAB87

4 years ago#8
I liked axton. I am a littl lazy, axton is perfect for that. I don't like being bothered by rakks and you can just drop the turrets and run to the objective. I feel like playing with axton is easier because he has the lowest bounty on his head. there are not as many people looking for him.
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User Info: needhobbie89

4 years ago#9
I beat the game and started a new one with Gaige and am only level 13 right now, but I am pretty confident she will be my favorite class.

That Robot is a beast, plus I like shock weapons and she can be very pro shock weapons.
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User Info: DR_Pariah

4 years ago#10
Zero, Maya, Salvador, Axton. In that order

Zero is fun for stealth and melee, as well as insane long range.

Maya is great with a team, since she helps out a lot.

Salvador is boring to me unless he's in gunzerking mode. That s**t is great, but everything else is boring.

Axton is a disappointment to me, since the turret is a lot more powerful than it needs to be. I feel unchallenged.
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