bored in borderlands

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User Info: Claycochaser

4 years ago#41
WOW! What a thread. I mean I like gaming but holy friggin crap! Epic butthurt because of a game? Anyway, I can see (kinda) the point about folks duping their whole arsenal but thats their prerogative. Whats wrong with getting someone to dupe you a FEW items that you really want?
Absolutely nothing. If it makes ones game experience better then fine. Ive duped for and been duped. I still farm, because that really is the end game, like was said. However, I see nothing wrong with using great weapons to do it with! That being said, if somebody could help a brotha out with a Lyuda and Shredifier, it would be swell!

User Info: pro9b17

4 years ago#42
From: killbot357 | #003
JPhoenix985 posted...
Nope. But be careful, you've now attracted the attention of the legions of anti-dupers on this board that are going to tell you you're ruining their games by duping. Ready yourself.

Sounds more like he ruined his own game to me.

The game ruined the game. There is literally nothing to do once you've reached level 50. I have no interest in playing until a new DLC comes out.

User Info: pro9b17

4 years ago#43
From: killbot357 | #018
beebag posted...
Its not just getting things handed to them. Ive duped tor people and.vise versa, but i also like to farm for guns, when.i have time, cuz you lives and all. Any time i see guys going hardcore on a dude for duping, i am really just seeing the sad cries of a virgin.

Virgins don't go hardcore on anyone come on now

Your angst and bitter attitude tell me you have been a virgin for a long time and are frustrated about it. I have some advice- shave the neckbeard, stop eating big macs, start exercising, get rid of the acne, and you might have a shot with your cousin.

User Info: kjoinne

4 years ago#44
JPhoenix985 posted...
6LORDofDEATH9I posted...
cant duplicators and anti-duplicators just pretend to like each other? and im not doing anything wrong. im just paying forward the kindness other people gave me by duplicating these guns for me in the first place.

You can't reason with these anti-dupers bro. All they do is come at you with circular logic and terrible arguments about how they are "indirectly" affected by something you yourself are choosing to do. Doesn't matter that they don't know you, and will most likely never encounter you ever in the Borderlands universe. The fact that you do something that they don't personally agree with is enough to greatly anger them. Just something we all have to live with.

GT: kjoinne

User Info: GunkoGunko

4 years ago#45
I'm not an "anti-duper", but I certainly don't agree with duping.

No matter how you paint it, duping is the act of taking advantage of a game exploit; it is not something that should have been part of the game, and there is no justification in doing it.

If you dupe, you are most likely bored.
GT: Gunkokoko
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