Gearboxs' laziness is to blame for all the duping.

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  3. Gearboxs' laziness is to blame for all the duping.

User Info: R of The Nest

R of The Nest
5 years ago#51
Chest runs are useless? That's news to me. *goes back to farming the treasure room*
"You're breaking the game, dude!" - Borderlands 2's 'Gaige', on getting too many Anarchy stacks

User Info: D34D2R1T35

5 years ago#52
Actually you can blame microsoft for duping, with the ability to put characters on USB there is nothing stopping anyone from making copies of their profiles and just sharing whatever gear they want.

The real evil is modding because billion damage guns/billion level characters/billion badass rank for waaaaay off the chart stats, again blame microsoft for that by making a HDD that could be read by your average computer and the ability to transfer your gamesaves off to USB. Hex modding and programs like willowtree and modio for the casual modders are what you really hate, not duping trust me.
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User Info: Wandyman

5 years ago#53
kiwimyweewee posted...
People still duped to hell and back in the first game.

And people dupe the EXACT same way on Dead Island.
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User Info: Panopictonguy

5 years ago#54
fredbeatswilma posted...
Atma2862 posted...
fredbeatswilma posted...
It wouldn't lag that bad. I have killed terra around 20 times in one sitting. Weapons disappear before or not pop out before lag happens.

People assuming is better than people just taking.

ok but thats a big area. what about 4 piles in o say the bunker?

You have to reload to fight him again so it can't stack. It could handle 4-4 player piles.

It actually can't handle how much bunker drops. You have to pick up some of the loot before he drops more.

separate loot with no trading is how it was in CV Harmony Of Despair. The only issue is it would give people only one way to get loot and they would be suck dealing with the drop rates.

I.e. there will people who get 20 conference Calls with ease but are unable to get a single infinity. Without the ability to trade it forces people just depend purely on chance.

CV HD was an amazing game I think the inability to trade killed it early for sine people.
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User Info: pro9b17

5 years ago#55
From: Atma2862 | #014
xare555 posted...
Atma2862 posted...
pro9b17 posted...
This is a classic case of fixing something that wasn't broken. The loot drop rate in BL1 was excellent. Gearbox f***ed it up by making drops significantly more rare in BL2. People don't enjoy having to farm a boss for six hours before it finally drops a legendary. People also don't like the fact that chest runs are useless, since about 98% of the time, chests don't have decent items. People also don't like going on vending machine runs, since vending machines are just about as pointless as chests. They never have good items.

So instead of being angry at what other people are doing, point your blame to Gearbox. They made all these changes simply to make everything extremely inconvenient (in an obvious attempt to make the game feel more difficult), and they failed miserably.

First off you say "people don't" alot but what you main is you don't like.
and you really can't fix duping in any game, if people want to do it they will just like in fable 3.
as for the farming 6+ hour try playing FF11. then and only then can you complain about the drop rate.
the idea was to get people to trade with other people, making new friends and not being so anti social.

This is nothing like ff11 at Least there u could up the drop rate with a thf and had to wait 21-24 hrs between kills

its time you go back to the game and break down the mathematics of it.
yes you can up the drop rate a little with thf. can thf solo any and everything? no
is everyone a thf? no.
so lets say you have a drop rate base of 10% ok now add the thf with all drop rate adds.
it dose not add to that 10% base thou. O'on what it dose is roll more die to try for that 10%, is if 10% is to a 6 on a die and you need that 6 to get the item you still only have 10% chance just extra roll.
and in bl 1 & 2. you have the more plays the better the drop rate. so add 4 ppl and you have a bl thf.
and not all mobs had that great a pop time very few in fact.
some pop windows took 4 days after being killed and then could take up to 24 hours to pop the mob its self.

Do you really type like a six year old or are you just joking around?

Anyways, I don't mind duping. The whole point of this topic is that people dupe because the drop rates are too low. Plain and simple.
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  3. Gearboxs' laziness is to blame for all the duping.

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