Just found a level 12 Bowie Maggie

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  3. Just found a level 12 Bowie Maggie

User Info: illbzo1

5 years ago#1
From the chest that appears in the Bloodshot stronghold where you fight Flinter. Too bad my Mechro is level 21.
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User Info: Panopictonguy

5 years ago#2
Lol nice find. I your a level 8 fire white death from Stream & Power. Low level Loot FTW. I don't have a single character under level 15.
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User Info: ZardoZsays

5 years ago#3
I also found a level 12 maggie in BSS, in the jailcell chest, too bad I was level 50 at the time...

User Info: Hanzou74

5 years ago#4
I got a lvl 19 maggie straight from mick zafford when i went back to the Dust on PT1 to farm a few challenges. On the same run, i found a lvl 6 Judge and a lvl 12 purple sniper rifle. Almost makes me want to make a new character just to mess around with them.
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  3. Just found a level 12 Bowie Maggie

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