Least favorite enemies to fight?

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User Info: Knuls

4 years ago#11
Badass Varkid. Fast lil' buggers, I tell ya hwut.

User Info: CidHighwindFF7

4 years ago#12
Super Badass Pyro Threshers.
"Hold on to your britches, and don't piss in em'!"-Cid Highwind
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User Info: Nanis23

4 years ago#13
The pirates in the DLC that heal themselves by hitting you

Melee Zero hate them

User Info: bry6trump

4 years ago#14
rabid stalkers

the self-healing pirates were pretty annoying to fight when i first encountered them..

User Info: TheHunger82

4 years ago#15
Mad Mike with his ridiculous rocket launcher/bazooka. Had a few deaths at his hands.
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User Info: charon78au

4 years ago#16
Armoured psychos. Waaaay too much health on those guys.
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User Info: GenericSteve

4 years ago#17
Wild anti-dupers. Most commonly found in the tall grass of game FAQs.

User Info: LuckyMRow13

4 years ago#18
Rabid stalker
MRow13:: All I can do is be me, whoever that is. -Bob Dylan :: The Butter Gawd

User Info: Dujas

4 years ago#19
Gotta agree with Rabid Stalkers. I had to try to farm Jenkins in playthrough 2 and those gave me the most problems without a doubt.

User Info: fseperent

4 years ago#20
Badass Constructor 2.0.
Always spawns RPG Loaders or Badass Loaders.
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